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The Trayvon & Kony ~ Distraction 2012

Join me as we indulge in a quick overview of the past weeks, relating to very subtle, very antiquated techniques being used to distract and heard the population away from what really matters. I do not need to explain this any further because if you understand what I mean you will continue reading, and if you do not, then happy trails.

We must first, realize that these stories are not created for the means of distractions and by that I am not suggesting they are of the contraire conspiracy mantra. These distractions are manifested from real events, and that is what makes the smoke and mirrors trick so appealing.

If the human heard can hear, taste, smell, touch, and especially see something, then they will accept it as part of their conditioned five sense reality.

If you look close enough, assuming that you have a solid enough mind to do so, you notice quite precisely that each and every story taking up mainstream airtime be it print, radio, or television, over the past few weeks seems to have the theme of a distraction at its core. The motif that the controlling hands exert over the populace is merely a smoke screen to divert the hungry minds that need social acceptance.

What you need is three or more principal, including 1) a story that pulls on people heartstrings; children seem to do very well. 2) A story that is controversial enough to lead the sheeple to what they think is their opinion; race or sexuality do fine as well. Or you need 3) a story that is in-tune with pop culture; something that can be spread by the social-media whores of our degrading, entropic society. These all in association with 4) introducing a problem, manipulating the reaction of the people, so that they offer up the solution that they would otherwise oppose.

Let us begin with Kony 2012:

Kony 2012 was released as a way to bring awareness to a war-mongering slave master that was supposedly terrorizing the people of Uganda by making children soldiers & sex slaves and also women sex slaves. The video that started this short-lived sensation directed by Jason Russel became a social media hit over night. Unfortunately for distracters, when some of the sheep saw through this ruse, Jason Russell was all of the sudden caught masturbating in public and talking out loud to himself about the devil.

(May I also suggest something that no one else will brief, that Jason Russell was 33, “a very occult number, and the age of Jesus when he died” ~ with blonde hair, and blue eyes, “both characteristics of the Aryan ubermen”. Interjecting as well that a mental breakdown is a result of the mind control operation Mk-Ultra which ended in 1973, but continued under other names such as Monarch.)

His mental state is now being treated for psychosis: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2012/03/21/kony-2012-director-treated-for-psychosis/

Let’s check if this story has the four principals of a mass distraction.

1) Kony and his lackeys took children, made them shoot their parents in some cases, and turned them into sex slaves and soldiers. We’re dealing with children so this is a check!

2) We had the opinion of some that we should militarily intervene in Uganda to save the children; something that the Ugandan people wanted nothing to do with. This also involves a impoverished nation, so the good American people need to help an area of the world by doing what they always do. By invading, privatizing, and controlling the population of that region and its resources in the name of freedom. So the opinions of everyone, definitely a check!

3) This story was spread on Facebook and social media sites like a virus or a raging wild fire. In-tuned with pop culture is a certain check!

4) Do we have a problem reaction solution here? Why yes we do. If the United States invaded Uganda without reason, people would be up in arms. So we need an enemy and got a man who hasn’t been seen in Uganda for six years. 

The reaction is that we need to do something about this horrible menace to society which happened to coincide when

“The UK-based Tullow Oil PLC….invested at least $1 billion in the exploration of oil and gas in Uganda, leading to the discovery of over a billion barrels of recoverable oil reserves, with an estimated 1.5 billion barrels expected to be found in three exploration blocks.” http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20120228-707926.html

The solution is intervention in the region.

But fortunately for us, enough people saw through this game and it was stopped. I’m not saying that Kony isn’t a wrong doing man, but this is an everyday occurrence in the world of events. The united states has killed millions of middle-eastern civilians in an unjustifiable “war for peace” (War=Peace?) . Funny, if you attach the conditioned blanket them of peace, justice, freedom, or democracy to something you can get away with anything.

We need to be careful however, because round two is approaching and we must not fall for it http://socialtimes.com/kony-2012-part-2-on-the-way_b92465

Next in line, for distraction, is Sanford Florida where Trayvon Martin was murdered by neighborhood watch member, George Zimmerman, for having an iced tea and a bag of skittles. (Here is our mantra)

This story exploded after Kony 2012 died, and the people began taking their time to protest the death of one individual, without even knowing the true story.

Even the president is involved in this ‘American tragedy’ when he said

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” http://content.usatoday.com/communities/theoval/post/2012/03/obama-my-son-would-look-like-trayvon/1?csp=34news#.T3U42njkQ20

All of this, but these sheep won’t protest the current unconstitutional administration? I guess hat would be a racist, radical, and the anti-American thing to do right? While these people claim they are free and love their country, they allow it to be shredded before them every second.

Even as impeachment proceeding have been brought against the president for high crimes against the United States under Article 1, section 8, clause 11 “Congress shall have the power… to declare war.” Yes, it is true that “the President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States”, but the War Powers Resolution prevents military invention without congressional approval after 90 days.

This is all subject to argument under the United Nations participation act and subsequent legislation under the United Nations Security Council, which in truth, has abolished the sovereignty of the United States.

Let’s check if this story has the four principals of a mass distraction.

1) Trayvon Martin was a young 17-year-old black male. This all in all encompasses the first principal. Because isn’t this just so sad? Even though this happens everyday, all over the world, to thousands of other individuals. Trayvon & Zimmerman have been branded, while the media and president have used this story to promote their own agenda of distraction to gain the sympathy of “the mass herds of sheeple”!

2) Everyone has an opinion on this. Whether  “…Martin was murdered by an over-zealous, racist, George Zimmerman for doing nothing other than being black, or…George Zimmerman was a victim of a failed system which lead to an unsafe neighborhood he felt the need to defend.” http://kimgable.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/the-trayvon-martin-controversy-what-the-media-wont-tell-you-and-why/ The division this creates fits principal two very well!

3) This story was spread on Facebook and social media sites much like Kony 2012, but mainly it spread like a virus or a raging wild fire in the mainstream news print, radio, television, and with pop-culture and trends. We now can check off number three!

4) The government has had a problem for a while, the second amendment, which grants us “the right to bare arms”.  They didn’t need to create this story they used it. By they, I mean the global fascist elitists of whom many are in government or handsomely pay members of government to push their agenda along.

So we have an innocence getting shot by a crazy gun owner right? The manipulated reaction of the public is to get the guns out of the hands of the American people so these kids aren’t hurt anymore; or we don’t have school shootings anymore. The solution is in using the sympathy of the people to get them to accept a ban on guns, or more realistic, ammunition.

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