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Thoughts from the “D” Show – on Humanity

Thoughts from the “D” Show – on Humanity
By: “HD” – 9/27/12
How can we begin to assimilate ourselves to the idea that we are at the very cutting edge of human and social evolution? How can we truly understand ourselves when we dilute our very nature with topics of which only serve to entertain or distract the human mind?
No more do we care about patience and application to diagnose and fix a problem. We rather now on the touch of a button, it’s not that the internet is terrible thing, it is much more than that. Any technology can be used for the perception of the good and the evil. What doesn’t come to us in the click of a button, or the instant of a download, we choose not to deal with. It is far easier to become addicts; addicts of an instant gratification; one that we teach both our children and ourselves. When patience is abandoned you begin to see the downward spiral into the working backbone of whatever institution, state, or group.
Not only have we abandoned patience, however, we have also been led to believe that wealth and beauty exist only in the physical. We have become enthralled in the physical sciences and the technologies that many of them advance with a marriage of a boxed thought. If we could, for a moment, end the oppressive reign that instant gratification and material objects have, the fast pace, don’t slow down or you’ll get left behind approach; we could begin to really think.
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