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What a Web We Weave

With world events occurring at an alarming rate, in current times it seems almost insecure and crazy not to analyze ourselves within these rapid, rampaging, racing times. I do not wish to touch on a war in specificity, the intelligence murder of dictators, the subsequent interest overthrows of specific countries governments, or even the daily rapes, murders, and horrific violence, which occur by the minute around this globe. Instead, I wish to analyze and critique an event, which is tied to a majority of the global events of the last decade. Now, this is not in association with every occurrence, but rather the major developments out of which this global police state has emerged—what we are now blatantly living. Thus, this world has been pushed into a totalitarian control grid; this did not simply start because of a specific event. The event to which I am referring was simply the most obvious, worldwide piece of evidence in which we have to prove, once and for all, that events like the sinking of the Lusitania, Oklahoma City, the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, the Reichstag fire, the creation of the Federal Reserve Central Bank of America in 1913, and many more where not just random occurrences in specific paths of history, but they were either orchestrated, allowed to proceed with prior knowledge, and/or a combination of both by a specific group of powers.

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