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Ancient Royal Bloodlines today? – Yes, they’re real


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Return of the Serpents of Wisdom & Bloodlines – Week 3

The New/Same Civilization

The new civilizations that sprung up include Egypt, China, the Indus Valley, and mainly Sumer (Iraq) in Mesopotamia (Between two rivers Tigris~Euphrates). These were part of one empire ruled by the same ruler with different names for different regions.

Sumer & King Sargon

Sargon’s mother floated him in a basket of rushes on the river and he was found by a member of the Sumerian royal family and raised as one of their own. (Moses?)

-The King of Sumer, Sargon, had a son, Manis.

Known as Manis-the-Warrior

-The King of the Indus Valley had a son, Manja.

Known as Manja-the Shooter

-The Egyptian ruler had a son named Manj.

Known as Manj-the-Warrior

*Known by the Greeks as Menes

-Sargon is the Semitic name in Sumeria-Mesopotamia for King Gin, Gani, or Guni

-He was known as Ukus or Ukussi in Egypt, relating to the first Sumerian king, Ukusi of Ukhu (Sun Hawk City) and in the Indian holy books, the Vedas as Ikshwaku or Ukusi of Ukhu.

-Sumerian scripts say his name was GIN-UKUSSI in Egypt and GIN-UKUS in Sumer.

-Babylonian texts say he was called Gani, the “King of the Four Quarters of the World”

-Indian Epics say Sargon’s son, Manja was called “The Royal Eye of Gopta and of the Four Ends of the Earth”

-Clay seals in the Indus valley say Sargon and Manja called themselves and their dynasty Gut or Got. (“Goth” to the Romans) and used the term Bar or Par = Pharaoh.

                        *Gut or Got became God

                       *Rulers of Sumer were called the “Son of the Sun”

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