Thoughts from the “D” Show – on Humanity

Thoughts from the “D” Show – on Humanity
By: “HD” – 9/27/12
How can we begin to assimilate ourselves to the idea that we are at the very cutting edge of human and social evolution? How can we truly understand ourselves when we dilute our very nature with topics of which only serve to entertain or distract the human mind?
No more do we care about patience and application to diagnose and fix a problem. We rather now on the touch of a button, it’s not that the internet is terrible thing, it is much more than that. Any technology can be used for the perception of the good and the evil. What doesn’t come to us in the click of a button, or the instant of a download, we choose not to deal with. It is far easier to become addicts; addicts of an instant gratification; one that we teach both our children and ourselves. When patience is abandoned you begin to see the downward spiral into the working backbone of whatever institution, state, or group.
Not only have we abandoned patience, however, we have also been led to believe that wealth and beauty exist only in the physical. We have become enthralled in the physical sciences and the technologies that many of them advance with a marriage of a boxed thought. If we could, for a moment, end the oppressive reign that instant gratification and material objects have, the fast pace, don’t slow down or you’ll get left behind approach; we could begin to really think.
But, thinking doesn’t mean 
regurgitating that of which has been implanted by whatever established order exists, either in government or education. Thinking means to question things critically. Question the very letters that you are reading. What do they really mean? Question the sound of my voice. Is it only a sense, or is it a vibrational pattern that is interpreted by the complexity of your brain? And if this is so, could these same vibrational sounds, which make each word and letter sound different, though you cannot see them when spoke, make up, not only the sense of sound, but the sense of sight as well. That a very small portion of what we see is that of the physical universe; that there are multitudes of other forms of visibility. When we begin to question things in this way the flood gates open and information pours in. It is not something that you must dedicate hours of study, though for those already on this path, it may be necessary. For some, thought of this sort is too difficult and like the people in the ancient world, simplistic descriptions of the larger whole were given to them. This simplistic definition, in a way, placates their inability to think in the higher ways. Individuals of higher thought, however usually understood a deeper meaning to the more simplistic symbols and stories. Out of many of these more simplistic understandings, come the concepts of religion. While the average man is incapable, at his current evolutionary state, see religions in terms of a safety net for their lives when things go wrong, initiates of higher understanding view these same religious concepts as having another meaning. They are able to lift the veil on many understandings over a course of study. This is why many goddesses of the ancient world were adorned with many veils. To the layman, these statues, then and now are just statues. To others, they understand the fundamental concept of what it means to remove the veils and to achieve a higher level of understanding within nature. Understanding nature is to understand the laws that make it up. To understand these laws is to put into practice those understandings so that you may gain wisdom though them and thus achieve illumination.
Where we are in overall evolution stems from a system, which should no longer be denied to exist; a system in which the goal is to create a populace completely dependent on their “leaders.” If this is the goal, then it is succeeding without question. If this is not the goal, then you would think that they would change it rather than opting for more of the same policies which lead to more of the same dependency that the leaders then present as the reason for even more dependency through government “help”. The only “help”, in government, is the help they give themselves. The agenda is usually hidden in plane site. It is not hidden from ones of a higher understanding. Only in plain site can something be hidden to those who are not aware enough to find it.
If we really have the power to change things, if we have the resources, military, technology, and science to rearrange the planet, then why is it that many suffer from the same structure which is suppose to protect them?…and after lengthy deception, the alarm clock rings, people open their eyes slightly and are ready to understand what is happening. Yet they are put back to sleep by promises of hope and aspirations of a dream that they must go back to sleep to receive. They only believe the promises of hope and change because they associate them with themselves and their families. The concepts of “change” or “hope” are no more of a slogan than frosted flakes. “They’re great.” Sure the cereal sells, but is really what people are buying, or are they buying the box, brand, and advertising glamour. What is even more damaging to our social evolution, in terms of racism, is not voting for a man because he is somewhat black, or simply voting for a man who is somewhat black. These divisional markers not only serve to divide the people, but in their division the people are confused and scared into being labeled with a term such as racist, which is denoted to be “wrong” by a socially engineered system, so they quietly go along with accepting the preprogrammed reality of what they see, what they feel, taste, touch and smell.
No one can tell you of higher truth, or show you understanding. That is like expecting a baby to leap forward in physical development from barely being able to walk as a child to being handicapped as a senior citizen. You can, at the very most, be set on a path to understanding and enlightenment by searching within yourself and cautiously searching from outside of yourself to grasp what it is you are missing. No on person knows everything. We all specialize in our “know how” in some way. We should not be ashamed of that. Just as child is dependent on its guardian, for its younger life, we must at times be dependent on those who can help us in an area that we do not fully understand. That is the human process. That is humanity. Humanity is not about politics. It’s not about red or blue, black or white, or grey. It’s not about coke or Pepsi, fat or skinny, or thin, small, or big. It’s not about god or the devil or Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism or Buddhism. It is not about rich or poor, housed or homeless, abortion or pro-life, war-mongers or war-protesters. It is about slowing down and losing your train of thought for just a moment. And in that moment, when you lose your train of thought, something beautiful happens. You connect with the silent truth of knowing; knowing something that you cannot see, touch, taste, smell, or hear; something that you learn in silence and live in silence. Something that is not able to be written down with words or letters or other symbols. That something is what many interpret to be God, many interpret to be the universe, nature, oneness, wholeness, and unified consciousness. If anyone disagrees with your view, and yet claims to know the one and only way to understanding these concepts, they are spinning a yarn.
No on man can possess this all. Just as no one man can look directly at the face of God. When you break the chains that bind you to social status, order and class, and view all as one, you can live a life of peace and love. Thinking positively does not create positive outcomes; it is both the means and the end. By viewing all events as having an obvious purpose you lift the veil on the polarity of god and the, devil and of good and evil, and begin to see that they are all one in the same.
Peace is a cooperative process. To achieve it, you must have give and take on both sides; otherwise known as compromise. Peace is not always getting what you want, so that you can live in peace, but a combined effort, with others, so that they may live in peace as well. War does not achieve peace, but only prolongs the suffering of the individual man, while massive profits are made, and the regions of war are rearranged in the profit, control, power hungry hands of those calling the shots. The same hands that call for war are very often brainwashed themselves, while many others have not even participated in combat. Yet, they send your sons and daughters to fight for a cause that has no meaning to them. The only meaning it holds is to the socio-political structure; a structure that once it’s base, the people, realize that the system is dependant upon them, and they revolt, only then will the system come crashing down. This is why any and all means must be taken and completed by the system to halt change and revolutionary thoughts, which would upset the status-quo. Just because you would not act in this way, does not mean that a handful of leaders, with nearly unlimited power, would not.

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