Emergency in Winter Park – Ordinance No. 2881-12 – Protest Ban

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One response to “Emergency in Winter Park – Ordinance No. 2881-12 – Protest Ban

  1. Winter Park Eye Lid

    I am not a lawyer, but reading the fine print carefully, the new Winter Park emergency ordinance banning peaceful public protest appears to provide for 60 days in jail for any criticism of anyone within 50 feet of their home property line. You don’t like your neighbor’s dog? Better zip that lip! Think your neighbor looks fat in that dress? If you mention it even in a nice way in your own home just 50 feet away and even if your neighbor can’t hear you, you’re going to jail anyway. Have a complaint that your neighbor is playing their radio too loud? According to the new ordinance, your complaint is now a criminal offense. Do all three? Make that 180 days in jail, because the ordinance appears to be written to apply to each count. The ordinance appears to have an expansive definition of picketing and protest to include any form or criticism or complaint. It looks like you don’t have to carry a sign, use a megaphone, or even make any noise at all to end up in jail. All that is required is the “appearance” of criticism. Of course the mayor and commissioners will deny this, but read what it says, because its what they approved. The sneaky Winter Park Mayor and commissioners may have deliberately made the ordinance so obscene so that later they can take a way minor points so they can appear to the uneducated public as “making reasonable concessions to allow for public free speech.” But don’t be fooled. This Winter Park mayor and commissioners are taking your rights at every opportunity. Even if another version of the ordinance later only prohibits actual picketing in front of a home, it still means you lose your rights. You will have less rights than you did two weeks ago in Winter Park. Because notwithstanding what the Winter Park mayor and commissioners want you to believe, no one will ever picket you or your neighbors. The only ones picketed in any city are the ruling elite, and they know this. This ordinance has nothing to do with your protection. It has everything to do with your suppression. Tell the Winter Park mayor and commissioners what you think of their new ordinance. Call, write, or stop by Winter Park City Hall and make your voice heard. All three ways are still legal, but may not be much longer if you don’t speak out. If you don’t use your rights, you lose your rights.

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