What a Web We Weave

With world events occurring at an alarming rate, in current times it seems almost insecure and crazy not to analyze ourselves within these rapid, rampaging, racing times. I do not wish to touch on a war in specificity, the intelligence murder of dictators, the subsequent interest overthrows of specific countries governments, or even the daily rapes, murders, and horrific violence, which occur by the minute around this globe. Instead, I wish to analyze and critique an event, which is tied to a majority of the global events of the last decade. Now, this is not in association with every occurrence, but rather the major developments out of which this global police state has emerged—what we are now blatantly living. Thus, this world has been pushed into a totalitarian control grid; this did not simply start because of a specific event. The event to which I am referring was simply the most obvious, worldwide piece of evidence in which we have to prove, once and for all, that events like the sinking of the Lusitania, Oklahoma City, the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, the Reichstag fire, the creation of the Federal Reserve Central Bank of America in 1913, and many more where not just random occurrences in specific paths of history, but they were either orchestrated, allowed to proceed with prior knowledge, and/or a combination of both by a specific group of powers.

No, this is not a conspiracy theory. This is simply a conspiracy, without the negative pre-determined consensus of what such a word means: to conspire in secret, behind closed doors. But even then, the event in which I am discussing is not simply a conspiracy, nor a theory, nor any sort of label. I would like to discuss the events of September 11th, 2001 in relation to Liberal and Realist perspectives and the theories, concepts, and models of International Relations. More importantly, I’d like to directly link the September 11th attacks to an international cabal of individuals, unscathed as owners and influencers of media and entertainment.

I would like to discuss the events of 9/11 and the direct link between them and the terror state of Israel and the Zionists; something that no mainstream or alternative news source dare approach. I shall attempt to present this as not what is absolute, but more to discredit the official story of 9/11, that we were presented with, as being absolute. I shall also attempt to weave this event with all others, into a global web of deceit. When I speak of Israel or Jews, I am not referring to many if any of them. I am referring the Zionists, and the MOSSAD. Most Jews are against the state of Israel and its list of terror.

Months before 9/11, an Israeli company, ZIM (Integrated Shipping Services) broke its lease, losing $50,000, and vacated its office in the North World Trade Center tower. Prior to this action, FBI agent Michael Dick had been investigating Israeli espionage when he was removed from duty by the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, Michael Chertoff. Chertoff, the son of the first hostess of Israel’s national air carrier, El Al, is also thought to be an Israeli national along with many others in high-ranking positions within the United States. 150 Israelis were also arrested prior to 9/11 for suspected espionage for targeting U.S., military bases, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, and other government organizations.

We see, through one lens, how damning evidence could be if it were actually investigated to its full extent. Further more 9/11 was used by both Liberals and Realists to solidify there supposed agenda of polar opposites; one using the events to solidify power and military capabilities and the other using it to promote the end of individual sovereignty. We must be serious to diagnose this diseased cabal of crime, which runs rampant though our world, without being totally open to addressing all possibilities.

Something that has stood out to me for much more than 9/11 is Israeli security. On 9/11 ICTS, an Israeli company was in charge of security for the airports where the supposed hijackers boarded the plane. I say supposed because many of the hijackers are still alive.[i] Perhaps this is also a distraction because there is substantial, damning, clear evidence to prove that planes didn’t even bring the towers down and may have been remote controlled. The WTC was built to withstand these impacts, and major, debilitating explosions were recorded and witnessed all over the WTC complex to WTC 7, which was reported to collapse nearly 20 minutes before it collapsed.[ii] Another Israeli company, BSP was responsible for the security at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. This occurred on the 11th of March, a number, which is synonymous with symbolism as we see it, connected to 9/11 nearly everywhere; from the towers, to the planes, to the passengers on the planes.

Where we begin to see Polarizations is within the Patriot Act, properly named as a form of newspeak. Prior to its passing it was modified, hours before, to make companies in charge of security on 9/11 immune to lawsuits. Sounds good in one aspect right? The companies in charge where Israeli companies like ICTS, which never had to provide testimony or hand over the missing surveillance videos from the airports. Not only are they immune, the entire population of Israel has socially been placed inside of a bubble. Any mention of the state of Israel being involved in killing Palestinians, orchestrating mass terror, or simply thinking that Israel may not have the United States best interest in mind, you are labeled anti-Semitic, a Jew-Hater and thus considered to be a “Nazi.” Much of this relates to our generation and the indoctrination of the story of the Holocaust. Not denial.

Many Individual arguments can be made to justify Israeli involvement. Two employees of ODIGO, an Israeli instant messaging service, received text messages warning them of the 9/11 attack two hours before they occurred.[iii] The ODIGO office was located only a few blocks from the WTC, but no one warned the proper authorities? We also saw what is referred to as the “five dancing Israelis.” Five men were caught videotaping and celebrating the attacks as the first plane hit the building. These men also photographed themselves in front of the burning wreckage. When they returned to Israel, they were identified as MOSSAD agents.

We also know of the George Washington bridge incident that was covered up as well, as a van carrying one ton of explosives was apprehended going into New York City. These men where also identified as MOSSAD agents.

Another individual who could be blamed by the unquestioning is President Bush. Bush stated that 103 Israelis were killed on 9/11. But that number is far from the fact that only 3 Israelis died and only 1 in the WTC, while there where 4,000 thought to be in the area on that morning. This is considered a rumor and conspiracy theory. Fine, but the blame for this rumor has me suspicious sense it is said to be placed on the Arabs.[iv] So, is this President Bush’s fault, or is someone writing his speeches? Or was it passed along form a higher source? Perhaps this is disinformation, or perhaps the WTC and Pentagon were not the only targets on that day. However, when examining a situation such as this, I like to investigate who let the dog off its leash, rather than the dog’s actions. This leads us to Israel. Now, whether or not this was the direct instigator, they are at least a prime suspect.

Many State levels of analysis are much more keen in describing the events and proceedings of 9/11.  Who benefited? Was it the American people? Was it the “nation of Islam,” a peaceful people with radicals like any other religion or group? Was it this so-called list of terrorists, labeled as well as a “war on drugs” or a “war on education?” Perhaps it’s Israel. Perhaps it is a joint force of Israel and the U.S. Maybe the U.S. is somewhat of a lap dog to Israeli policy basing our own policy off of the Coercive Diplomacy of Israel. Perhaps we are compelled to allow or carry out such situations. Perhaps they are one in the same. Either way, the state of Israel seems to be the only major benefactor to the events of 9/11. That the United States was willingly or unwillingly, because of military capabilities, drug into the middle east to fight and eliminate all of the Zionist enemies. Israeli prime minster, Benjamin Netanyahu even said the 9/11 attacks were good for Israel.[v]

This Polarization of alliances and military capabilities between the U.S and Israel, and even Britain, has led to one of the most destructive paths ever set. Since 9/11, the U.S. and Israel have backed countless international coups of presidents and prime ministers deemed unfriendly to their own agenda or someone who no longer wishes to play by their rules.  We’ve seen the Systemic overthrow of leaders from Egypt, Iraq, Libya, et cetera funded and carried out by the U.S. CIA, British MI6, and Israeli MOSSAD. In relation to what we were told about the wars launched because of 9/11, the Taliban and the Al Qaeda, the Al Qaeda was a creation of the U.S. CIA and a former leader was Adam Gadahn. Gadahn is not Arab, he is of Jewish decent and his grandfather is Carl Pearlman, a leader on the Anti-Defamation League’s Board of Directors. Other alliances have taken place between Israel and the Depart of Homeland Security in the United States.

When I see these theories, be it Realism, Neorealism, Liberalism, Neoliberalism, Structuralism, Constructivism, and so many more I see them lacking one fundamental thing: they are lacking perspective. I am not claiming that Israel was 100% behind 9/11. I am not “Bush-bashing.” In fact, Bush was cut from communications from the White House and Pentagon. His motorcade followed the same path from the school to the airport, even in this time of “great danger” and Air Force One also left Florida with no military escort.[vi] He was a puppet. I simply think that in analyzing an event, we must ask every question to form an unbiased conclusion. All of these theories constituted pre-determined mindsets, which have a slot ready for the answer they expect. Realists see 9/11 and want war and more security. Liberals see 9/11 and want more centralized control into a handful of organizations to control the way the world runs. Structuralists might view 9/11 leading to economic disparity and control by the mega wealthy as a cause, thus leading to war. The others are too similar to give examples.

Functionalism wishes to remove the rational for war by examining economic problems. If we knew the truth behind 9/11 we would not be justifiably allowing these “wars” to continue and by extension all of the money spent would have been put towards our economy instead of “nation building” and therefore with a good economy we erase the rational for war in a Functionalist manner.

In relationship to the world stage and all of her players and puppets one concept, not fact, becomes very clear with enough research: our world “leaders,” state powers, struggle for supremacy, understanding, and reason is based upon a system in which presents the following. It states that in order to obtain peace, we wage war. In order to wage war, we must have a catalyst and since the world really isn’t as corrupt as we are told then these threats must be made up in the case of Islam and radicals and terrorist relating to 9/11. A system, by its own definition, can only be described as successful by how quickly it destroys itself. A structural system that states every day that we must take more from the environment and Earth than is needed, consume more than we need, enforce the “bigger stick” mentality until there is no competition. A system that only succeeds once it has consumed, not only everything in its path, but itself.

This is what we are told as a Nation, by our individual leaders, none of which changes course more than a few centimeters for personal gain, that of which take orders from a smaller and smaller cabal of people all they way through International Organizations like the UN. The WTO, UN, NAFTA, and all of the rest do not benefit the collective people of Earth. They benefit the small ruling class while playacting the rest of the populace. Most view our leaders as ourselves. “Well, if I wouldn’t do that then they wouldn’t do that.” And most wouldn’t dare question the events of 9/11 in fear of being labeled un-American, un-patriotic, or a terrorist. Even less would dare to aim blame at Israel with fear of death and being labeled ant-Semitic, or a Nazi; a term of association, rather than definition.

I find it humorous that this international web of MI6’s, MOSSAD’s, and CIA’s can withhold mountains of information after obtaining it. They can find anyone at anytime, anywhere in the world with our “advanced technology” that we should rely on because it is keeping us “safe.” But, they can’t find Osama Bin Laden? CNN found him immediately after the 9/11 attacks, in an interview where he labeled the “secret government” responsible for the attacks and not himself or organization. This occurred again in an interview by the Ummat, a Pakistani newspaper.[vii] Then, as the 9/11 attacks we carried out, we were told we didn’t have any clue who was behind this. Then within minutes those same sources told us “Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks of September 11th.” So if that’s true, why should I believe an invalid source? Isn’t it more likely that this excuse was set on the shelf to create anger in a populace of fear and to direct that anger towards the wanted target of the Middle East, which just happens to be the same enemy of our only true ally, Israel?

To further cement the polar alliances between Israel and the U.S. and the continued slaughter through means of terror by both throughout the world, we must examine the Stutnex Virus. The events of 9/11 lead the U.S on a decade long campaign across the Middle East and to the doorsteps of one of Israel’s worst “enemies,” Iran. Oh, what a coincidence. And we are really going to be sold the lie about nuclear weapons or WMDs again? Not that it truly matters, because the nation that doesn’t question is oblivious and in a trance. A nation that begins to wake up sees more and more policing measures; labeling every action as a terrorist action. This creates a nation of criminals—where it doesn’t matter if you are a law-abiding citizen or not, it’s just a matter of time before you are arrested.  The Stutnex virus was the precursor to Flame, a computer virus that was co-opted by the United States and Israel to disable Iran’s nuclear facilities. This and the murder of millions of innocent lives, coups against non-friendly nations and so much more could have been accomplished without the help of the September 11th attacks or something worse.

All of the wars/military campaigns have been branded under freedom and democracy and justified therefore. But, if our leaders and we the people did not really want to go to war, we should have examined the evidence and allowed a true investigation—not a pseudo-political farce laced with fear and panic that sweeps us into another major conflict. Thus, the problem lies not only with the individuals and the state but the Liberal institutions that attempt rule with no oversight. Obviously, I do not mean Republican or Democrat, I mean the theories of International Relations. Justification for war is only as justifiable as the most believable lie that can be conceived. That, or a simple lie, WMDs, that, if repeated, becomes truth.

Through this overview, I have attempted to explain the simplest connections, unspoken by the main or alternative stream media. What we must do in order understand the International stage, with its actors and puppets, is to keep a selection of as many lenses (perspectives) that we can, so that we are never confined to one pre-determined cause. If we are able to do this, then we can begin to accomplish the stated reason behind political science and International Relations, and that is to better understand the world that we live on. The basis of the overview was to explain an event, or group thereof, that we are led to believe came about a certain way, and introduce the x-factor. This event occurred for many reasons. I believe that 9/11 was the trigger for trillions in profits by special interests, the control of the oil, and drug markets, and a way to coax a nation into a somber fearful lullaby, keeping them always waiting, watching, for the attacker when they don’t realize that they were kidnapped by their protector.

[ii] Marrs, The Terror Conspiracy, pg. 39

[vi] Marrs, The Terror Conspiracy, pg. 12


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