Proof Obama Isn’t Who He Says He Is

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  — Joseph Goebbels

It is a dangerous thing when people know the truth, but are far to afraid to discuss it because of how they will be viewed and the possible negative reactions of others. I may not be able to provide the physical evidence to prove that Barack Husein Obama was not in fact born in the United States and therefore his presidency is a farce. But i can provide a mountain of ever growing evidence to the contrary. I may be negatively labeled as a “birther” by those who refuse to do their own research, as the only defense they have against their hypnotizing leader. Believers of the president’s birth in America will also try to use his birth certificate as evidence. This would be all I need to prevent any further research, but a a red flag went up when it took the white house nearly three years to even present that.

For most, the issue is settled – Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on Aug 4,1961. For others this game has been dragged out for far too long, especially with election season approaching once again. Even if the latter statement of his Hawaiian birth were true, that does not end the argument that he should be sent packing from the oval office. How anyone can still support this man, without benifetting from his lies, is beyond my comprehension.

It is also important to understand that we must not direct all of our stress towards Obama. He takes the praise when the U.S is in good shape, and the flak when the U.S is in bad shape. He is a fall guy, in short.

Obama promised transparency in his adminstration. But, he has ran the most secretive administration ever. Everything always being put under the issue of national security.

He promised to end the wars around the world and bring our troops home. But any belief that this true is a gross misconception. He withdrew troops from Iraq, but then sent 12,000 U.S troops to Libya. Leaving 50,000 remanding troops in Iraq to no longer be considered soldiers, but “peacekeeprs”. This does not count the covert operations, private mercenaries and drone strikes that will continue to devastate Iraq and other parts of the Mildle East. In Afghanistan the U.S military is still in full force with its allies and NATO, but says that forces will be withdrawn by 2014 or 2015 a the latest. Chief of NATO, Fogh Rasmussen said:

“I consider it of utmost importance to continue our military operations, because the fact is that it is the increasing military pressure on the Taliban and the Taliban leadership that has stimulated the reconciliation talks…So there is no alternative to continuing the military operations.”

The one thing about all of these withdrawal plans is that will call for billions in aid to these countries for training of their militaries and devastated regions. Money that the U.S does not have to spend at home little alone abroad.

The president can wave his nobel peace prize for killing millions of innocent lives. He can win a grammy for his audio book. He can boast his order, for the false claim, that he actually killed Osama Bin Laden. Even though Osama Bin Laden was announced dead over ten years ago due to health problems.(Another link: Osama Bin Laden dead in 2002) Either way, think about that, regardless of the actions that Osama Bin Laden may have played in the 9/11 attacks, though he denied them repeatedly, people actually cheered the death of a man. The president is boasting that he murdered someone. These revelations are terrifying no matter what side of the aisle you set on.

Lets say that you do believe he was killed by the Obama administration, then you’ll remember this picture right?

Supposedly watching video of the raid on Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound, this picture shows Obama and Hilary both enthralled in the events that were unfolding. But, guess what?  It’s a photo op, a lie, a fake, a hoax. If they will lie about something so small, what makes you think they won’t lie about something as big as “our nations greatest enemy being found and eliminated.” We’re shown blood, gore, sex, violence, war, murder, etc. on television, in movies, and online every single day. But the one man that caused us so much suffering, supposedly, they just throw his coffin in the ocean and call it a day? It just doesn’t make any sense. Sounds like when George W. Bush was credited with just happening to find Saddam Hussein right as election season loomed.

When are the American people going to realize that the President, no matter what power he has, does not control the world, or the economy. The only jobs the government can create are bureaucratic jobs that are essentially the result of draining resources and work from other sectors of the economy. Sure, it looks good on a CNN statistic, but in the real world it is a lie. A chart shown here from presents the real unemployment rate to be somewhere around 23% (blue). Far from the official rate of a mere 8% (red).

We live a life of tic-tac topics and misconstured facts. So let’s see some real facts about the president and allow the constant brainwashed defenders of the matrix to try and dispute them.

If you don’t know much about the claims that Obama is not a natural born citizen, know that the reasons for these claims stem far back before is birth certificate was released by the White House. Arizona Sheriff Arpaio has, along with many others, proven that the birth certificate released was a generated forgery. There are multiple layers to the document.

Some of the image layers obviously being imported and placed onto the other layers. What is more surprising is that whomever created the document did not combine all of the layers. Something that any ameuture could do, on Adobe Photoshop, with the click of a few buttons.


Ever more proof of Obama’s ineligibility came with a NJ ballot access eligibility case spawned by Tea Party activists, when attorneys representing Obama may have admittd the document presented to the American people by Obama himself is actually knowingly faked and was used to fool the American public into believing a complete fabrication.

The Examiner presented the above story in Obama’s ineligibility question where Obama’s lawyers had stated that “Only a legitimate document should be allowed as evidnce…and therefore this one should be thrown out.”

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is threatening to keep President Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in November unless he receives confirmation from Hawaii that it has a valid birth certificate on file for him. Other states are also considering this measure, but this  is not even being denied in the mainstream media, little alone discussed. It has been completely blacked out.

All of this seems like such old news – but now it seems we have the largest smoking gun of all. released a stunning piece of evidence the other day in an article entitled The Vetting – Exclusive -Obama Literary Agent In 1991 Booklet: ‘Born In Kenya Raised In Indonesia and Hawaii’ – in which a promotional booklet from 1991 by Barack Obama’s literally agency, Acton & Dystel, states that Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”. Jay Acton no longer represents Obama. However, Jane Dystel still lists Obama s a client on her agency’s website.

“Barack Obama, the first African-American president of   the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.  The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation.   He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.”

The mainstream media was quick to jump on this news, quickly claiming that it was the source of the “birther” issue. Abc/Yahoo news simply brushed it under the rug by stating the “agency simply misidentified his birthplace as Kenya”.

But this was back in 1991 and the bio was used until 2007, when Obama began his run for the presidency. How can a detail like that go unoticed for over 16 years; and in the midst of several checks and changes that took place between 1991 to 2007 where the bio stayed the same.

Jay Acton, who spoke with Breitbart news, confirmed the details of the book adding: that “almost nobody” wrote their own biography, the non-athleates in the booklet, whom “the agents dealt with on a daily basis,” were “probably” approached to approve the text as presented.

Miriam Goderich was also quick to announce on the Political Wire that “This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me — an agency assistant at the time.”

So, a fact checking error ugh? One that occured Again, and Again, and Again…

In addition to the 1991 biography above (#1), here, via, is a screen shot of Obama’s biography (#2) on the website in June 1998, in which the text has been updated but the birthplace error has been repeated:

Here, again via, is a screen shot of Obama’s updated biography on the Dystel & Goderich website in February 2005 (#3), updated to reflect the fact that Obama had become a U.S. Senator–but not corrected as regards his birthplace:

And here, once again via, is a screen shot of Obama’s biography on the updated Dystel & Goderich website in April 2007 (#4), revealing that the text had been modified slightly–but the birthplace had not:

The term, “Kenyan-born”, is also listed in an article on the Sunday Standard from June 27th, 2004. The article is discussing Barrack Obama’s Senate run and states that the “Kenyan-born U.S Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama”

The Nigerian Observer in 2009 also states, “The Kenyan-born Senator will face a stiff competition from his Republican counterpart, John McCain…”, in an article entitled US Presidential Polls: Obama, McCain slug it out today

If at all these aren’t enough evidence and they were simply mistakes, the following videos should keep the question of Obama’s Kenyan birth wide open. Here is First Lady Michelle Obama making the same “mistake” in a speech about HIV, saying that “when we took our trip to africa and visited his home country in Kenya”.

She must have a nasty habit of making the same “mistake” because here in 2007 we can hear her again saying that  “What it reminded me of was our trip to Africa, two years ago, and the level of excitement that we felt in that country the hope that people saw just in the sheer presence of somebody like Barack Obama a Kenyan, a black man, a man of great statesmanship who they believe could change the fate of the world.”

Even Obama’s grandmother said that she was present at his birth in kenya. Reported by WND; The Oct. 16, 2008, telephone interview conducted by American Christian minister Ron McRae, who called from Detroit, says Sarah Obama was in a public setting with several hundred people listening to the telephone call on a speakerphone. The interpreter was Vitalis Akech Ogombe, the community chairman of Sarah Obama’s village of Nyang’oma Kogelo in Western Kenya, 30 miles west of the Lake Victoria-city of Kisumu.

“In the ensuing public conversation, I asked Ms. Obama specifically, ‘Were you present when your grandson was born in Kenya?’” McRae testified in his sworn statement. “This was asked to her in translation twice, and both times she replied, “Yes! Yes she was! She was present when Obama was born.”

Another stunning revelation is that the birth records were possibly removed from Kenya.

Documents  indicate the Kenyan government investigated the possibility that President Obama was born in the East African nation.

“Two letters purportedly written by Kenya’s immigration secretary…” (Emmanuel Kisombe) “…during the 2008 U.S. presidential election campaign stated that officials in Nairobi could not find evidence Obama was born in Kenya. But the official said the government had “information” that relevant birth records may have been removed or were missing.”

Kisombe wrote another letter on the issue, this time to Kenya’s Criminal Investigation Department, a few days before the Nov. 4 presidential election in the U.S.

His Oct. 22, 2008, letter to Simon Karanja Gatiba, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, indicated an investigation into the possibility Obama was born in Kenya was instigated at the level of the Kenyan Cabinet.

We have instructions from the Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet carrying out directions of the Cabinet sub-committee on Security and Foreign Relations to investigate and report on efficacy of reports that Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic Party aspirant in the United States could be Kenyan-born.

Kisombe said the Kenyan government investigation was prompted by “numerous intelligence reports that [Obama] might have been born in Mombasa at the Lady Grigg Maternity Wing of the Coast Provincial Hospital.”

Kisombe noted that the Kenyan government’s inability to find Obama birth records was not conclusive, because “the information we in the ministry have is that some documents have been removed by unknown persons at unknown dates or are missing from birth registry records thus denting the prospects of uncovering the facts of this matter.”

He wrote:

This tampering, if confirmed, constitutes a serious offense that is punishable by law and it behooves your office to track down the culprits and bring them to justice. My officers have been instructed to fully cooperate as the Kenya Police Criminal Investigation Department performs this task.

The text of Kisombe’s letter to Ranneberger reads:

Dear Ambassador Ranneberger,


Your letter of July 1, 2008 refers. I wish to confirm that there are neither records nor evidence held by my ministry or any departments thereunder that suggest that Senator Barack Hussein Obama was born within the geographical confines of what is now known as the Republic of Kenya. Further I am unable to confirm if any files from the births registry at the Coast Provincial General Hospital are missing or tampered with.

No matter what you believe to be the real birth place of the president, according to missing records, comments to the contrary of the mainstream by his wife, his 16 year bio kept by his literary agent, etc. Or to the treasonous actions of undeclared wars, abolition of the Bill of Rights, spy drones in America, indefinite detention of American citizens, etc., to whether Obama should retain office. The final proof is by far the most damming and surprising.

We know that Obama’s dad was born in Kenya. We know that Kenya had declared independence from Britain in 1963. In 1961, the year Obama was born, Kenya was still a colony of Britain.

Again, it doesn’t matter, for this whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya. The British Nobility Act of 1948 (Part II, Section 5) states:

“Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.”

With this revaluation, it doesn’t matter where Obama was born. His father being born in Kenya, a British colony until 1963, far dating the establishment of the British Nobility Act of 1948, means that the 44th President of the United Socialist States of America was and/or still is a citizen of Great Britain. The very same Great Britain that the United States fought to declare its independence.

We also know President Obama changed his name and was known as – Barry Soetoro – and that Obama worked for more than one year employment by a CIA front operation, Business International Corporation, Inc. (BIC) of New York after his graduation from Columbia University in 1983. The following is from and


Obama’s CIA Pedigree

However, the State Department’s recent revelation in response to a Freedom of Information Act request that the pre-1965 passport files of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham Soetoro, were destroyed in the 1980s, has re-ignited suspicions that Obama’s mother worked for the CIA under non-official cover (NOC) cover in Indonesia while married to Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo, a retired colonel in General Suharto’s CIA-backed ranks. Soetoro and Dunham married in 1965 after meeting at the University of Hawaii. That same year, the CIA-backed Suharto launched an anti-Communist coup that saw leftist President Sukarno eventually ousted from power and up to one million suspected Communists, including many ethnic Chinese Indonesians, massacred by government troops. Obama recently lifted a ban on U.S. military support for the Indonesian Red Beret KOPASSUS special operations forces imposed after the unit committed human rights abuses in East Timor in the late 1990s. The 12-year ban, imposed by the Clinton administration, was maintained by the Bush administration.

In 1967, Dunham moved with six-year old Barack Obama to Jakarta. In 1966, as Suharto consolidated his power, Colonel Soetoro was battling Communist rebels in the country. Dunham moved back to Hawaii in 1972, a year after Obama left Indonesia to attend school in Hawaii, and she divorced Soetoro in 1980. Soetoro was hired by Mobil to be a liaison officer with Suharto’s dictatorship. Soetoro died in 1987 at the age of 52. Ann Dunham died in 1995, also at the age of 52. Obama, Sr. died in an automobile accident in Kenya in 1982 at the age of 46. Obama, Sr. attended the University of Hawaii courtesy of a scholarship arranged by Kenyan nationalist leader Tom Mboya. Obama and Dunham married in 1961, however, Obama, at the time, had a wife back in Kenya. Obama and Dunham officially divorced in 1964, the same year Dunham married Soetoro.

Files released by the State Department on Dunham’s name-change passport application lists two dates and places of marriage to Soetoro: March 5, 1964, in Maui and March 15, 1965, in Molokai — almost a year’s difference. In her 1968 passport renewal application, Barack Obama’s name is listed as Barack Hussein Obama (Saebarkah). In passport renewal and amendment applications filed from Jakarta, Dunham uses two different names: Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro and Stanley Ann Soetoro.

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One response to “Proof Obama Isn’t Who He Says He Is

  1. hsaive

    Conservatives will use this compelling evidence to get Romney elected unless they secretly want Obama to win.

    Corporate media did not report that Obama’s lawyers were forced to admit – under penalty of perjury – that the birth certificate posted on the White House website in April, 2011 is a forgery.

    April 2012 Video Clip of Judicial hearing: Obama’s Lawyers are forced to agree with New Jersey Judge who declared that the NJ Secretary of State would not place Obama on the 2012 ballot if plaintiff’s definition of “Natural Born Citizen” is upheld.

    This 2004 AP article reports that Obama born in Kenya. Many more articles can be found using Google

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