We’re all crazy right?

The time to write a fully detailed article anymore is wasted on the sheer speed of news that is deemed by mainstream as dangerous or as a conspiracy theory. Below are a list of issues that should prove without a doubt, we live in a country which has been entirely sold out to foreign banks, corporations and an elite few who think, and act, in controlling our daily lives. Some of the skeptics say that “this is done to protect us” or “why would the government have any reason to do something like that?”

Well, if you are awoken enough, you already know the answer, and if you are not then you better turn that nightmare into a dream and finally become aware enough to awake and break from the matrix which keeps you in servitude. I suppose that makes me, and all of us other theorists, crazy right?

Real scientists continue to warn excessively about the issue of solar flares effecting the polarity and technological dependency of the entire world. Another solar flare erupted form the sun on April 16th. Luckily, this one was not as large as the one which struck at the beginning of this year – one of the largest ever recorded. But, the establishment would rather this not be spoken about, as they would rather feel your head with the new race and class wars being waged. These flares are mainly monitored by NASA, but how much can we really trust them?

NASA continues to spit their ignorant mainstream propaganda toward climate change – once referred to as global warming. We always here about how the “experts” that say this or that, but now we have our own “experts”. In fact, we have 50 of the top Scientists and Astronauts – with over a thousand years of experience- signing a letter which slammed NASA for its promoting the idea of man made climate change. This again clarifies the true abbreviation of NASA, which stands for – Never A Straight Answer.

TIMEOUT: I’d personally like to know when these lying, corrupt, paid, special interests, thieving, and sometimes closely related people are going to suffer the consequences of their actions?

The contant misconduct of soldiers from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo are just lightly reported examples. Some instances, of what trully goes on overseas, are made an example of to downplay the truth of what is rarley reported. The murdering of 17 individuals by a U.S soldier, was considered to be excused because “war is stressful”. Marines were on video urinating on dead Taliban fighters. The news covered this story by using the word “allegedly” urinating on corpses. One of the most ignorant examples of the great American mindset is that Islam is the enemy. This was demonstrated by soldiers who burnt Korans at a U.S base in Afghanistan, which left 30 daed in protest including 6 Americans. The most recent occurrence includes U.S soldiers in Afghanistan posing with mangled body parts of dead suicide bombers.

TIMEOUT: How many people really believe that radical Islam is at war with Christianity and that a few individuals want to kill to enforce their radical believes! That these radicals live in caves and that they can orchestrate massive campaigns to murder and maim who they deem “free” and “prosperous” from these caves?

There are just as many radical Christians as their are Muslims. But these ideas that we need to monitor Muslims is insanely suspicious because in the 70’s and 80s we were told to support these same radicals to fight off communism. That’s all the proof I need to never listen to a thing the government says, ever.

If all of that wasn’t enough, we have secret service officials getting the high roller package, surly at tax payers expense, from a brothel in Columbia. They were there to pave the way for Obama’s trip to an upcoming Summit. Eleven of them, as of now, have been relieved of their position after bragging about protecting the president of the United States, and releasing sensitive information.

If that’s not enough, how about the General Service Administration – GSA – spending $820,000 on a lavish Las Vegas conferences? This is now under investigation by the House oversight and Government Reform Committee, as is many other extravagant expenses from the GSA. The, nearly million dollar conference in Vegas, is still cheaper than Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s trips to his home in California which, racked up a cost of $860,000, to the Pentagon.

If you still think that, “if only the rich paid more taxes, we’d be out of debt”, then how you have a $16 muphin. Don’t have that much to spend on a muffin? How about a $9 cup of coffee or a $600 toilet seat? If you don’t have it up front, the Justice Department will just use your taxes to purchase them for themselves instead. In 2008-2009, during just 10 conferences, the Justice Department spent over $500,000 dollars on food. And these politicians and administrations have the audacity to tell us how to spend our money?

Soon though, we won’t need any money at all; at least in the physical fiat paper form. Every day is a day closer to a cashless society, and the IRS is making sure everyone join in as they are outing paper checks – it’s for the environment right? – and issuing automatic deposits instead. 

Some people have already had it with the IRS, especially the collecting of taxes on income while working abroad. Last year alone, in record numbers, over 1,8000 Americans have renounced citizenship.

I’d say that taxes are just one reason to “get out of town”. Most of us saw the girl who was forced to comply with “FDA or State standards” by eating chicken nuggets; instead of the lunch her mom packed for her.

Last week a 4-year old’s lunch was taken away because it wasn’t deemed fit by the  North Carolinian school board. The state inspector said that the lunch was missing a “milk equivalent”. So what was in this little girls lunch? She had turkey and cheese sandwich, a bag of chips, a banana, and apple juice; so what was the schools better replacement meal? They took her lunch away and made her eat chicken nuggets, then sent a bill home with the child, that was later waived after all the media attention the story has received.

Little kids have been arrested and criminalized as young as four years old, and this situation continues to get out of hand. Running has been banned at recess, words have been banned in New York Schools, and now a six year old was arrested for throwing a tantrum in class.

A few years ago, the previous and following would be deemed as a “conspiracy theory” or “insane”. Now, it’s admitted under the guise of “help” and “safety” and “security”, and those, as myself, are still seen as crazy because we state that these issues are being used for some other means. As I see it, Conspiracy Theorists 1 – Government Truth 0.

When Obama first was sworn illegally into office, he wanted to enact green police in your house and devices to tax you on extra miles in your car. All of this under the guise of the false green movement, that we have already seen is a lie.

TIMEOUT: Climate Change is real, it’s been going on since Earth began and has very little to do, if anything, with human activity. The Earth has been here a lot longer, and survived a lot more harm than us humans could create. This is just as arrogant as thinking that there are no other forms of life in the Universe.

Now, starting in 2015 legally, your new cars will be fitted with “black boxes” that will record everything that goes on inside of the car. And guess what? It’s mandatory. They’ll say its for privacy, but the government does reserve the right to confiscate the box at any time. Just as they have abolished our rights legally and illegally, how can anyone see this as a safe institution?

Yet, if you still reading this, hopefully you are open minded enough to consider the evidence for the following. Yes, even though we have video proof of black helicopters in cities, on secret missions, their exsistance is still denied. Well, now we have them in Chicago. But, they don’t exist!

The NATO security summit is taknig place in Chicago very soon, and this is probably the reason fro the disturbance of Blackhawks and A/HM-6 helicopters zooming past skyscrapers in the middle of the day in Chicago; this on video, and still denied.

And if all of this isn’t enough, how about some espionage? Undercover police officers and TSA workers will now “ride buses, perform random bag checks, and conduct K-9 sweeps, as well as place uniformed and plainclothes officers at Transit Centers and rail platforms to detect, prevent and address latent criminal activity or behavior.”

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