Is Friday the 13th really, unlucky?

The stories of the Knights Templar or the Poor Knights of Christ of Solomon’s Temple have become trite and misconstrued in movies like National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code. Just because these names and ideas are taken out of context, used in fictional stories, and twisted to fit a certain story does not mean that they are not real in some fashion or that many are not mixed with a cloud of fictional association to dilute their true meaning.

The Poor Knights of Christ were called such because, in order to become a member, you pledged yourself and all of your wealth to the group. Other names for these same men are the Knights of Solomon’s Temple, who were referred to as such because they took up residence on the location of Solomon’s Temple.

The original Knights were commissioned to protect pilgrims on their journey to the Holy Land.

However, the official story of nine original Knights comes slightly in to question when compared to the thousands of pilgrims that they were supposed to protect. Believers call skeptics  into question by saying that the official story is true because, why would someone make that up? The truth is always misconstrued in that history cannot be definitive. Truth travels through to many hands, minds, opinions, translations and individuals who manipulate it to their own avail.

The story of Friday the 13th is no exception as it is associated with breaking mirrors, black cats and so many fairy tell stories of superstition. The real Friday the 13th is most likely a superstition draped in deceit, the Pope, a King and the ungodly power of the Church.

Since each new Knight must pledge his entire wealth to the organization, the Knights became superiorly wealthy and extraordinarily powerful, all in a relatively short amount of time. They had all of the crown heads of Europe in excessive debt to them, due to their modern day system of loaning out money with interest attached. This made other powerful men extremely uneasy, especially the Pope.

In 1307, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jack de Molay, was summoned to France by King Philip and Pope Clement. This, he believe was in connection with the possibility of another Crusade. He was wrong.

On October 13th – Friday the 13th – Knights from all over were arrested and tortured, while they were forced to confess to alleged crimes of misconduct for sexual perversion, Christian heresy, idol worship, and worshiping satan. One of these idols or satanic elements, that the Knights were accused of worshiping, was the Goat of Mendez; better known a Baphomet.

The Masonic writer Manly P. Hall (33rd degree mason) stated that Baphomet was just another name for the satanic Goat of Mendez. Mendez was also known as Mendes, which was a city in ancient Egypt associated with the worship of Ba’al, the Horned God and yet another sun god.

The founder of Ba’al worship was Nimrod, often was represented wearing a horned headress. Some also claim that Baphomet actually means Bapho-Mithras-son of Mithras. Mithras was as sun god, represented by the bull as Jesus is represented by fish. Mithraism was created by a amerging of Persian and Babylonian traditions and most likely is the main precurser for Christianity. – One example of this is that Mithras told his followers at his last own last supper, that in order to Communicate (Communion) with him when he left, that they needed to drink of his blood and eat of his flesh.

However, no matter your beliefe in the truth behind Christianity or of ancient Sun Worship, the rounding up of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13, October 1307 is where the main superstition of the date resides.

Before the death of Grand Master De Molay, he vowed that both King Philip and Pope Clement would be dead within one year. This is, regardless of belief, something that did manifest.

Many of the other Knights though, disappeared almost without a trace. The large fleet of Templar ships vanished along with their wealth. More than anything, the Knights Templar became what today is referred to as the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. One of the true controllers of Masonry and much higher on the ladder than the American York Rite.

Also, as mentioned before, the Knights Templar was one of the first organization to implement the brilliant idea of loaning money out to individuals and then expecting payment with interest in return. This practice is still carried out today and is the fundamental action that keeps people in debt much longer than if they just had to pay back the original loan.


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