Gun Sales Booming: Doomsday, Obama, or Zombies?

Bill Cooper said it pre-911 “…and I’m telling you, be prepared for a major attack, but it won’t be Osama Bin Laden..…because they have failed to get the guns out of the hands of the American people.”

Gun laws do nothing to protect us from a violent world and neither does the government who writes these laws into existence. If gun laws really worked, then why do most of the violent shooting incidents happen in gun free zones like schools? ( I suggest Mk-Ultra for certain instances such as Virginia Tech)

Plus, you ever notice how these stories are always an Occult numbers like 33 miners trapped, the Kony director was 33 with aryan blond hair & blue eyes, 7 dead in the Ohio shooting, 3 dead in the Oakland shooting, 13 in Columbine. (7 = Number of divinity, 33 = the highest rank in masonry before the scottish rite, 3 is universal in nature and relates to the three worshiped Sirius stars, and 13 is the number of regeneration.)

Did you know that the Columbine students also had plans in their diaries to fly hijacked planes into towers? Funny how they knew, but the most advanced technological civilization in history, as far as we believe, can’t even imagine it. Though they ran drills for that incident the morning of 9-11 (some of those terrorists are still alive too by the way). They also couldn’t find Osama Bin Laden apparently, but a CNN reporter was able to walk into his tent and interview him.?

9-11 was the smoking gun, the catalyst, the stepping stone in taking our guns away under the guise of protecting the homeland (Hitler’s Heimatland) and our citizens. Because of those terrorists who don’t like it when we cluster bomb their countires and women, and children, and homes.

The only thing worse than the actuall terrorists that do exist are governments & militaries. Governments and militaries aren’t even in the same league when it comes to fear manipulating. Hitler knew it too, that if you want to assassinate your own citizens, then take away the means which they have to defend themselves.


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