Return of the Serpents of Wisdom & Bloodlines – Week 3

The New/Same Civilization

The new civilizations that sprung up include Egypt, China, the Indus Valley, and mainly Sumer (Iraq) in Mesopotamia (Between two rivers Tigris~Euphrates). These were part of one empire ruled by the same ruler with different names for different regions.

Sumer & King Sargon

Sargon’s mother floated him in a basket of rushes on the river and he was found by a member of the Sumerian royal family and raised as one of their own. (Moses?)

-The King of Sumer, Sargon, had a son, Manis.

Known as Manis-the-Warrior

-The King of the Indus Valley had a son, Manja.

Known as Manja-the Shooter

-The Egyptian ruler had a son named Manj.

Known as Manj-the-Warrior

*Known by the Greeks as Menes

-Sargon is the Semitic name in Sumeria-Mesopotamia for King Gin, Gani, or Guni

-He was known as Ukus or Ukussi in Egypt, relating to the first Sumerian king, Ukusi of Ukhu (Sun Hawk City) and in the Indian holy books, the Vedas as Ikshwaku or Ukusi of Ukhu.

-Sumerian scripts say his name was GIN-UKUSSI in Egypt and GIN-UKUS in Sumer.

-Babylonian texts say he was called Gani, the “King of the Four Quarters of the World”

-Indian Epics say Sargon’s son, Manja was called “The Royal Eye of Gopta and of the Four Ends of the Earth”

-Clay seals in the Indus valley say Sargon and Manja called themselves and their dynasty Gut or Got. (“Goth” to the Romans) and used the term Bar or Par = Pharaoh.

                        *Gut or Got became God

                       *Rulers of Sumer were called the “Son of the Sun”


Egypt & the Indus Valley

-Most of Egypt’s history is based on ‘King lists’ compiled by an Egyptian priest, Manetho, in the 3rd century BC for the Library of Alexandria (Destroyed in AD391)

*Egyptian culture is broken up into periods of kingdoms and ruling dynasties.

a) King Sargon ruled Egypt around 2700BC

-Sargon’s grandfather (Khetm) was known as Takhu or Tekhi in Sumerian style Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Tuke in Sumerian king lists, and Vri-Taka or Dhri-Taka in   the Indian king lists.

-Sargon’s father (Ro) was known as Puru-Gin in Sumerian style Egyptian hieroglyphs.

 Buru-Gina in Sumerian king lists, and Buru or Puru in    the Indus Valley seals.

         Menes & Minos

1) Menes was the first Egyptian Pharaoh of the first dynasty & was also the governor of the Indus Valley to the Crown Prince, who was next in line for the Sumerian throne.

2) Menes led a revolt against his father, Sargon and took control of Egypt, declaring it independent of Sumer.

3) Sargon then disinherited him and the succession went to his

younger brother.

4) His brother died soon after and the Indian Epic Chronicles say that Menes then ruled Sumer, which also included the civilization of Minoan, on the island of Crete.

5) Minoan was estimated to about 2600BC, and founded by people from Turkey, both of which are directly related to the Sumer Empire.

6) The founder of the Minoan dynasty was King Minos or Menes, the son of Sargon.

           *King Minos’s son was Minotaur (Half man, half bull) & the son of Menes, Mar-am means (Strong Wild Bull)


         *Minos was the also the giver of laws from Zeus & Menes established laws that came from Zagg.

-Menes died after a reign of 60 years; a Kheb beast from the waters of the Niles killed him. This has been translated as hippopotamus, but Kheb in Egyptian also means wasp or hornet.

-His tomb in Abydos, Egypt was translated with his other names Manash or Minash.

        *Minash made the complete course to the End of the Sunset Land, going in ships. He completed the inspection    of the Western Land. He built there a holding or possession in Urani Land. At the lake of the peak, Fate pierced him by a Hornet or Wasp.

*Urani is the original form of the word, Erin, the old name for Ireland.

b) It is believed that the Egyptians established a colony in Ireland some 3,500 years ago, led by Princess Scota, who is buried in the valley of Scota’s Glen about five miles from Tralee in County Kerry, where she died after a bloody war with the indigenous Irish people.

-Scota’s descendants became the high kingso of Ireland and then invaded Scotland or Scota-land.

-Scota’s real name was Meritaten the daughter of Akhenaten & half-sister of Tutankhamen.


A member of the Sumer Empire was the Phoenicians, who landed in the British Isles by 3000BC.

 *Corresponding with Stonehenge & Avebury

The Phoenician symbol for the sun was the white horse or Red Cross of St. George.

Sumerian Tablets

a) Sumer is called KI.EN.GIR “The Land of the lord of the Blazing Rockets” & “The Land of the Watchers”

*The Egyptian gods, the Neteru means watchers, and they were said to have come in heavenly boats. This relates to the Indian stories of the flying craft Vimanas and the wars of the gods.

-The Sumerian gods were the ANNUNA and later the AN.UNNAK.KI “Those who from Heaven to Earth Came” and the DIN.GIR “The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets”

-The Sumerian Tablets talk about E.DIN “The Adobe of the Righteous Ones.” & the Bible mentions EDEN.

-The hero of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and great deluge, was Utnapishtim.

*Noah was an offshoot of this and a child of Lamech.

-The Nefillim is “Those Who Descended” or “Those Who Fell from The Heavens”.

-They were also known as tall or giant people called the Rephaim, Emim, Anakim, and Zazummim.

*Giant in Hebrew is repha & this relates to Goliath being a giant.

“The fallen ones were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when sons of God come in unto daughters of men, and they have borne to them — they are the heroes, who, from of old, are the men of name.” – Literal Bible Translation

“men of renown” in Genesis in its Sumerian form means “men of the sky vehicles”

From “heroes of old” hero comes from the Egyptian term, heru, meaning the king is a representative of the Sun God on Earth.

-Nibiri or Nebiru, the planet of the Annunaki is derived from and Egyptian word Neb-Heru, which is described as a star rather than a planet.

*The leader of the Annunaki was An or Annu, represented by a jackal or dog head. Horus was Heru-ami-u, a hawk headed crocodile with a tail ending as a dogs head. This relates to the dog star Sirius.

*The Sumerian word HU or HA means hawk and the sun-hawk was a Sumerian symbol of the Sun as was Horus, the hawk head a sun god.

b) Creation in the Tablets

They explain how the Annunaki wanted to create a slave race to serve their agenda by using a system of trial and error and test tube methods.

1) The sperm of Annunaki males were used to fertilize human eggs before they were transplanted to Annunaki females to be birthed.

*Stories of people today claiming to be abducted by non-human entities and forced to have sex or have their eggs taken from them.

2) This program was headed by Enki “Lord of the Earth” (Ki=Earth) and their expert in medicine, Ninkharsag, Ninti “Lady Life”. Her later name was Mammi, mama or mother.

*Earlier form of Queen Semiramis, Isis, Artemis, Diana, and Mary; the feminine principles represented as goddesses of the Moon or waters considered feminine in balance to the masculine Sun.

3) After many failures Enki & Ninkharsag were able to produce a human hybrid called LU.LU “One Who Has Been Mixed” and LU meaning human worker or servant. This is the Biblical Adam of which Eve was created from a rib.

4) Rib in Sumerian is TI “Rib & Life” ~ the life force of Adam

Adam was created from the dust of the ground, which translates to TI.IT “That which is life”

5) Enki’s brother Enlil “House of Water” was made commander of the mission because his mother was considered more genetically pure than the female with whom Anu conceived Enki. This caused conflict between the brothers and erupted in internal conflict & wars.

c) The Fall of Man in the Garden

-The Adam and the Eve were originally cloned & eventually given the ability to procreate. This change is represented with Eve having to suffer the pains of childbirth.

-The book of Enoch says that a Watcher whom revealed secrets to humans was a Gadreel & this is the Fallen Angel.

-Satan “Adversary” is described as the Fallen Angel, the Old Serpent or Dragon. The Hebrew name for Eve’s tempter is Nahash “He who knows secrets”

-The god was Enki who tempted Eve in the Garden & this led to an explosion in the growth of man.

*Since the humans began to out number the gods by large amounts the gods were forced to hid themselves and exchange overt control to covert control. This is where we get the idea that anyone looking into the face of god would not live and that only certain people could see god.

6) Enlil was alarmed at the expansion of the human population and that it needed to be reduced.

*They may have engineered the cataclysm.

7) The tablets call the royal bloodlines the AB-GAL the “Masters of Knowledge” and the “Seven Elders”. They were depicted with fish-like bodies as Enki was.

8) These bloodlines were placed into positions of power during the Golden Age throughout the Sumer Empire. This happened when Anu bestowed “Anu-ship” (kingship) on humanity by creating these bloodlines to rule on behalf of the gods.

*The tablets describe that the Sumerian cities were overlook by a large stepped pyramid “Ziggurat” close to the temple palace. At the top of this ziggurat was where the gods lived.



Of the 44 US presidents since 1789, 34 are connected genetically to Charlemagne the monarch of France.

Charlemagne’s line connects to the Merovingian dynasty in France, which founded the city of Paris (Prince Paris was the son of King Priam of Troy) and is related to every royal family in Europe. It goes back to the ancient Middle and Near East during the Sumer Empire.

These Merovingians were involved in the Trojan War in 1200BC between the Trojans and the Greeks. From here they moved through the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia under the name Scythians, and moved into Europe where they were known as the Sicambrian Franks (Source for the name France)

The Merovingian got their name from the time of their king Meroveus or Merovee. Legend says Merovee was the offspring of a human mother and a sea creature called Quinotaur. Merovee was brought up by Chodio, the first king of the Franks.

The Merovingians were worshipers of Dian, the great goddess of the ancient world. They founded Paris and this was located The Pont de L’Alma tunnel, where Princess Diana was murder on Sunday, August 31st, 1997. (Bridge or passage of the Moon goddess)

Brutus, a relative of Helen of Troy, sailed west to Britain after the fall of Troy and founded the city of Caer Troia in 1103BC. This later became Lugdunnum and later London.

The House of Windsor descends from the Merovingian’s & the three-pointed fleur-de-lis is the symbol of the Merovingian bloodline and British royalty.

These Merovingian-Windsor bloodlines includes links with Philip of Macedonia who son was Alexander the Great. Alexander was taught by Aristotle, who was taught by Plato, who was taught by Socrates.

It also includes pharaohs in Egypt like Ramses II (1295-1228 BC) and Queen Cleopatra (60-30 BC) who married Julius Caesar and bore Ptolemy XIV.

Lines also connect to the Roman Piso family and the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great who, in AD325, turned religion it to what it is today; Also King Ferdinand of Spain & Queen Isabella of Castile whom sponsored Christopher Columbus.

The Merovingian line that connects with Charlemagne also included Robert II, Philip I, II, III, and Louis 1, 2,5, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15, 16 who married Marie Antoinette.

The line also includes the de Medici family and Catherine de Medici, the queen of France whose doctor was Nostradamus. It includes the Duke of Lorraine and the House of Loraine employed both Nostradamus & Christopher Columbus.

The Habsburgs family, King John (Magna Carta) and King Henry I, II, III.

King James I of England (Sponsored the Bible version), King George I, II, III, Edward I, II, III, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Princess William & Henry. Us presidents George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, FDR, George H. Bush, and George W. Bush.

*Jeb Bush & Al Gore as well.

Marie-Louise of Austria who married Napoleon Bonaparte, Kaiser Wilhelm II the King of Germany at the time of WWI


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