Return of the Serpents of Wisdom – Week 2

ATLANTIS/ Pan/Itzamana


LUMERIA/Mu/Kumari Nadu 

These people lived under the “Law of One” ~ everything is the same energy expressing itself in different forms.


Lumeria/Mu/Kumari Nadu (Pacific Ocean)

-The Positive & Spiritual Principal

-They were dedicated to divine qualities, Love, Acceptance, & Life harmony with Earth.

-They were sun worshippers synonymous with “The Empire of the Sun” & their emblem was a version of the solar disc, which represents the suns essence rather than its physical form.

-The kings of the royal lineage (Cross breeds between the natives & very tall, light haired, light skinned beings) ruled Atlantis & the hierarchs controlled the “Temple of the Sun” (Modern day Illuminati)

-The technology of these beings led the Atlanteans/Lumerians to see them as gods. Intermarrying took place to change the DNA and produced white offspring with hybrid bloodlines ~

*The royal lineage of kings and queens.

-These beings set up mystery schools with 13 levels of initiation. Those whom passed the initiation into the 13th school were allowed to teach the knowledge themselves.

a) Legends:

-Natives of Easter Island believe they were part of a larger continent known as Hiva, (Motherland) which sunk to the bottom of the ocean in a planetary cataclysm.

-Tamil text of Indian Scripture Silappadikaran refers to a lost continent called Kumari Nadu or Kumari Kandam (Dragon Land of the Immortal Serpents)

-Chinese legend refers to an island-continent called Maurigosima, which sunk to the bottom of the Pacific, but not before the King Peru-un managed to escape to China and help populate the country.

The Angelic Serpents of Lumeria

-Were beings whom were bisexual and possessed both male & female reproductive organs.

-They had great Serpent Power, but the gods felt threatened & divided them into male & female physical forms.

-The separation split the soul in half, the physical males losing their female soul & the physical females losing their male soul.

-The souls then began searching for one another to reunite and became the “soul mate”

a)  One group was the (CYCLOPEANS)

-Also known as the (Els) or (Elder Race) – they arrived at the beginning of the 104,000 year cycle and served on Mu as teachers and priest kings.

-They had Serpent-like bodies and some had an eyeball in the middle of their head which (For inter-dimensional communications)

 -Polynesian mythology says they were gods with golden skin who came long ago in flying machines and built pyramids throughout the pacific.

b)  KUMARA (Ku-ma-ra)

-They came to Earth from Venus, as a brotherhood of immortal sons of god, to assist in the spiritual awakening of humans.

-They were masters of love as Venus is also love

-Hindu legends say the Kumara were four eternally young, twin brothers that taught spiritual immortality.


KU = The (k) combines the serpents of wisdom with the

(hu) that represents the creators breath.

MA = The female principal or matter

RA = The male principal or spirit

The repetition of this word can awaken dormant love within ones heart chakra.

Atlantis/Pan/Kumari Nadu (Atlantic Ocean)

 -The Negative & Material Principal

-They were dedicated to Analytical Reasoning, Technology, & Domination of the planet.

-Dark-skinned people

a)  Legends:

-The Native Americans referred to this landmass as ‘Itzamana’ the Dragon Land or Old Red Land, the home to the red colored fire god/serpent.

-The Algonquins refer to this land as Pan, which is the Greek goat god.

-Greek legends say this motherland was ‘Hespera’  (Venus) a paradise ‘Garden of Eden’ at the western end of the world were the “Serpent on the Tree” guarded golden apples of wisdom.

* The Greeks also called this land ‘Poseid’ or ‘Poseidon’ another name for Neptune ~ Neptune was born out of the cosmic sea and possessed triune powers of spirit symbolized by his three-pronged trident.

-Plato’s Atlantis refers to these people mummifying their leaders & sacrificing bulls.

The Angelic Serpents of Atlantis 


-According to the Cherokees these beings traveled here from the bull constellation Taurus ~ The Pleiades

-Also known by Greek historians as the ‘Seven Sisters’


-They came from Sirius the Dogs Star in the constellation Canis Major or Orion’s Dog.

-They were guardians of the secrets of uniting opposite polarities & alchemists whom sought to teach their wisdom & are thus believed to be the Biblical Sons of Lamech.

-Their symbol was three straight lines, which formed a triangle that ~ sometimes included an eye in the center.

* The two corners represent opposing polarities, emanating from a base, and joining at the apex.

*This was also seen as a representation of the three stars of Sirius, shown as three circles called the ‘Chintamani’ (Stone brought from Sirius, cut into a heart)


a) The Dogon tribe in Mali, Africa, claims that beings from Sirius “Land of the Fish” visited their ancestors and gave them knowledge of the Universe. The Dogon called them the Nommo “Masters of Water” & describe these beings as amphibious and serpent-featured.

-These Dogon people also told French researchers in 1931 about all of the planets in the solar system out to Pluto, and of the moons that have recently been confirmed. They said a star orbited Sirius A  and it was so heavy all the people of the world could not lift it.

*This star was found to be Sirius B an extremely small & heavy dwarf star.

*Sirius A has two times the mass & is 35 ½ times brighter than our sun.

-They also said there was another star orbiting Sirius A, just discovered in 1995 known as Sirius C.

-The Dogon call Sirius B, Digitaria,


Sirius C, Sorghum, the (Female Star)(Star of women)

*The heat in the summer was thought to have been caused by Sirius and thus was born the “dog days” of summer.

b) The Egyptian’s calendar was regulated by the movement of Sirius  (Sothis in Greek). The Sothic calendar was founded on the rising of Sirius one minute before the sun, the heliacal rising in the summer.

*The heliacal rising takes place on July 23rd when Sirius, Earth, and the sun are in a straight line. It is said that the eyes of the sphinx line up with the exact period on the horizon where Sirius rises.

*This is also the time every year of Bohemian Grove

c)   Sirius was represented by Anubis (Anpu) portrayed by the dog or jackal-headed god associated with Osiris (An)

The leader of the Anunnaki was An (Anu), whom was also represented by a jackal or dog.

The Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius was an obelisk & five-pointed star & triangle ~ the three points represented the three stars of Sirius.

d)  Sirius is also known as “Eastern Star” & its symbol is the inverted pentagram.

*The inverted pentagram within a circle is used in satanic rituals to draw other dimensional demonic entities into this world or to draw down the kingdom of Satan onto the Earth.

*The pentagram is symbolized by the goat head the “Goat of Mendes” or  “Baphomet”


The Great Cataclysms

Legends of a great cataclysm, which destroyed the old world (Atlantis & Lumeria) & gave birth to the new world in Mesopotamia (Between two rivers)

The legends are told from Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, China, Japan & the Middle East ~ Many tell the story of:

-A heat that boiled the sea,

-Mountains breathing fire

-The disappearance of the sun & moon,

-The Earth flipping over

-The sky falling

 -The sinking of land & the loss of great continents

-The raining of blood, ice, & rock

* Accompanied by the great flood

-Chinese texts describe that the pillars supporting the sky crumbled; of how the Sun & Moon & Stars poured down in the nor-west were the sky became low; and rivers, seas, and oceans rushed to the south-east where the Earth sank to cause a huge flood.

-Another Chinese text found in a Buddhist cave, Dunhaung , in the 1900s includes fragments of a map that shows an Island continent in the pacific.

-The Pawnee Indians tell of a time when the north and south polar stars change places and went to visit each other.

-The Hopi Indians recorded that “The Earth was rent in great chasms, and water covered everything except one narrow ridge of mud.” They also remember that Lumeria was a series of islands by which they travelled to the American continent.

-Brazilian myth says that the heavens burst and fragments fell down killing everything and everyone as heaven and Earth changed places.

-The Greenland Eskimos also told of how the Earth once turned over.


Restarting Civilization after the Cataclysms

Atlantean & Lumerian legend says that a dark force took over the mystery schools. This force took over people’s minds and caused mayhem with the misuse of esoteric manipulations of energy ~ magic.

 -The Sumerian tablets describe a collision between the moons of a planet they called Nibiru and a planet orbiting between Jupiter & Mars. (Tiamat) The debris caused the Sumerian “Great Band Bracelet” ~ the asteroid belt.

-A moon, or a piece of a planet, upon this collision was hurled towards mars destroying its atmosphere & life. This object was “Venus” and after passing Mars it was caught by the pull of the Earth, orbited several times which led to an Earthly cataclysm. “Venus” then settled in its present orbit.

-This “Venus” cataclysm, which put Venus where it is, moved Earth further from the sun. This pushed Mars from its previous near Earth orbit to its present orbit ~ this explains the black races occupying earth with dark pigmentation to deal with the rays of the sun.

*Russian writer and researcher Immanuel Velikovsky said that Venus was the cause of both the demise of Mars and the near-demise of the Earth.

*Cydonia on mars was compared to many structures on Earth such as Giza. The Giza plateau in Egypt was formerly known as El-Kahira ~ derived from the Arab noun, El-Kahira, their name for mars.

-This cataclysm was survived on Earth by going underground.

*There have been 36 underground cities found in Cappadocia, Turkey; some of them go down 8 levels.

*There are also 30 underground cities & tunnel complexes that have been found near Derinkuya, Turkey.

-When the Earth settled down, the survivors returned from the high mountains North of Sumer in Turkey & Iran into Mesopotamia (Between two rivers)

*Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat in the Turkish mountains.

-The Sumerian tablets also say that the Anunnaki returned to rebuild and restore their devastated lands & this gave birth the civilization of Sumer.

*Sumer means the “Land of the Dragon” in the Scandinavian Vikings language.


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