Return of the Serpents of Wisdom – Week 1

Serpents of Wisdom

– The Kundalini is the Fire serpent at the base of the spine

– The Serpents of Wisdom are fully enlighten spiritual beings

-Serpents of Wisdom dwell in the physical world through an immortal, fourth dimensional ‘Dragon Body’

-‘Dragon Body’ Contains:





Omnipresence (Allows them to remain in contact with the physical world & all other realms)

-Levels of Serpent Wisdom include:

Serpents of Wisdom

People of the Serpent (Possess Serpent Wisdom & Power)

Solar Brotherhood (Incarnated the Spirit into material form)

Great White Brotherhood (Immaculate spiritual purity)

-When uniting Snake symbolism with the Female Principal (Matter, Ego) with other symbols associated with the Male Principal & Spirit (Wings, Feathers, Hues of Gold & Blue)

Winged Snakes – Feathered Serpents

Azure dragons – Golden Cobras

Serpents of Wisdom around the world used snake symbolism:

Egypt = Djedhi (Golden Asp)

China = Lung Dragons (Golden Dragon

Mesoamerica = Quetzlcoatls (Feathered/Plumed Serpent)

India = Nagas (Royal Hooded Cobra)

[Royalty = Spirit or The King is the hand of God on Earth]

Birth of the First Serpent of Wisdom who created the Universe

In the beginning of time, the sleeping God awoke. The God’s awakening impregnated the Goddess and their co-habitation set in motion a new cycle of time.

 “…and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Elohim Creators moved upon the face of the waters.” – Holy Bible

“All was immobility and silence in the darkness, only the creator, the maker, the denominator, the serpent covered with feathers, they who engender, they who create, were on the waters as an ever increasing light. They were surrounded by green and blue.” – Popul Vuh, Mayan Scripture

1) Existed an infinite ocean of awareness (Un-manifested Spirit /God)

Hindus = Shiva or Brahman

Chinese = Tao

Egyptians = Ra

Hebrews = Yod He Vau He

2) Out of this sea emerged the first Spirit, Serpent of Wisdom (Dragon)

     This first serpent has many names:

Serpent Goddess

Serpent of the Tree

Plumed Serpent

Azure Dragon


Ammon Kematef



Ea – Enki

Kon – Kan

The Serpent Son

3) Creation Myths: Birth of the Primal Serpent who created the Universe

 Egyptians of Thebes  

-The Birth of the Primal Serpent, Ammon Kematef, was a Reptilian creature whom swam within the               cosmic sea and assisted in the creation of the Universe.

-Ammon was worshped as Ammon Irta of Luxor (He/she who has made Earth) & the serpent Ammon Kemauf or Karnak (He/she who has made time)

Greek Gnostics

-Adopted Egypt’s Ammon & called it Kneph or Agathodeamon

Hermetics & Templars

-Used Egypt’s creator serpent in their traditions under the named Pymander  & Baphomet.


-In the beginning, the Primal Serpent Enki or Ea (House of Water) arose out of Apsu (Cosmic Sea)

-The Sumerian Enki or Ea was the creator of the Universe

Native American

-The birth of the Primal Serpent was an Alligator or Huge Reptile that arose from the cosmic waters.

Indians of Peru

-Depicted their Creator Serpent as the ‘Great Sea Dragon’  that lived in a large sea shell

Itza Mayans of Yucatan Mexico

-Created by the dragon Itzamna (House of the Reptile)

Nahuatls of Central Mexico

-Created by the dragon goddess Coatlicue (She of the serpent skirt)

Mayan tribes of Central America

-Quetzalcoatl (Plumbed Serpent) & Huracan (Slithering, Spiraling serpent) 

Yaruro people of Venezuela

-Creator Serpent, Puana, created the world, tres, flowers, & the Kuna (ancestress of all mankind)

Kom Ombo

-The birth of the Primal Serpent was a Crocodile, Sebek (First of all divinities) who came forth out of the primordial Nu (Cosmic Ocean)

Mediterranean Pelasgians

-Primal Serpent Ophion, the progeny of the primeval sea


-Worshipped Atum (Nothing & Everything)

            African Tribes

-Worshipped a live Python

            Australian Aborigines

-Rainbow Serpent that lived in a water hole

 Following the Serpents of Wisdom are the various Celestial Orders of Angels.

-At the head of this hierarchy is the Sacred Seven, Seven Archangels or Seven Sons of the Solar Spirit

1) The Sacred Seven, Seven Archangels or Seven Sons of the Solar Spirit are the Seven Aspects of – The Primal Serpent.

There were seven parts or aspects of the Primal Serpent Creator. They worked together as the Seven Creators

The Primal Serpent is a group of entities “…they who engender, they who create.” – Popul Vuh, Mayan Scripture

“…and the Elohim Creators moved upon the face of the waters.” – Holy Bible

“…and there was seen another sign in the heaven, and, lo, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his head seven diadems.” – Literal Translation Holy Bible

Australian Aborigines

-The Universe was created by a group of gods, which came from their father/mother, Wondjina, the Rainbow Serpent

Greek Hermetics

-Their creator Serpent, Pymander, fashioned ‘Seven Governors’ out of itself.

Greek Gnsostics

-Their Seven Creators, were the sons of the Serpent goddess Sophia.

Memphis, Egypt

-The Fire Serpent Ptah was assisted in his work of creating the universe by his seven creative progeny the Khnemmu.


-The Seven Archangels of YHVH & the Elohim.


-The Dragon or Beast

Serpent Numerology

            -All of the letters reduce to seven

-The word for seven in French is Sept (Set) = Egyptian word for Serpent was Set.

The Seven aspects of The Primal Serpent Creator were anciently worshipped in the heavens as the Seven Stars of the Pleiades.

-The Seven stars of the Pleiades were recognized by the ancients as a manifestation in our part of the galaxy of the primal Serpent Creator.


-Paid homage to the Pleiades as a manifestation of the great Celestial Serpent. They named the stars Tzab.

Greek Gnostics

-Referred to the star group as the ‘Seven Pillars’ of Sofia              (An embodiment of the ‘Wisdom of God’), their Serpent Creator.

2) Angelis Luminaries – Seraphim

-The Seraphim are Flaming Serpents that are the illuminated progeny (descendants) of the Primal Fire Serpent

-They are to rule over the dissemination (spreading) and awakening of the divine wisdom within evolving souls.

3) Working with the Seraphim are the – Cherubim

The word Cherubs comes from (Karabu or Kerubu) which means both ‘Primal Serpent’ and ‘Protecting Angel’.

Manifest in the forms of:

-Zodiacal Dragons (Sphinxes)

-Twins who protect and preserve the kingdom of their father/mother.

-Two halves of the Primal Serpent.

-Cherubs are guardians of the ‘passages of light, which connect the physical worlds with the governments of the Mid-Heavens’.

-With their protective assistance:

-Embodied souls can safely pass into terrestrial temples of wisdom.

-Disembodied spirits can smoothly ascend into the upper heavenly realms of the universe.

The Primal Serpent divided into twin Serpents

-The Caduceus or Staff of Mercury (Tree/Cross) has entwining serpents.

-This was adopted by Voodoo traditions.

-On this tree rests the humankind’s first ancestors:

-Dunbhalah = Male Solar Serpent

-Aida Wedo = Female Lunar Serpent

-This can also be found on the double helix of the DNA molecule

Legends of the Twins = Divisions of the Primal Dragon

Hebrew Tradition

-Twin dragons guarding the arc of the covenant.

Mediterranean Region

-Kaberoi & Dioskuri, the sons of Vulcan, the fire Serpent.


-Agatho Daimon & Agatho Tyche, the twin offspring of Agathodeamon


-Intertwined serpents comprising the symbol of Ningishzida the manifestation of Tammuz.


-The Twin Serpent gods Ahriman & Orzmund were twin progeny of the Solar Spirit Ahura Mazda.


-Depicted Serpent Twins emanating out of the winged, solar/spirit disc.

The Serpent Twins evolved into Twin Boys

The legends of the Twins birth can manifest in Twin Serpents, Serpent & Bull, Serpent & Eagle, Divine Human Couple, or Twin Brothers.                                   

-Twin Boys arrived on Earth during the final stages of the planet’s creation phase and proceeded to insure its preservation by introducing culture.

-They served as teachers and gained renown for their vast wisdom.

“The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when God’s sons came in to men’s daughters. They bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” – World English


-They arrived when wild beasts roamed Earth and helped preserve humankind by destroying the hostile creatures.

-They were expert healers and taught science of medicine to people of the Earth.


-Aswins arrived as fiery serpentine shafts of light projected from their father, the Sun. They took the form of Twin Boys mounted upon white stallions.


-Monster Slayer & Child of the Waters

Mediterranean Region

-Kaberoi Twins

-Castor & Pollux; renowned warriors and saviors who saved the world by destroying the savage beasts, which threatened the safety of mankind.

Memphis, Egypt

-The Kaberoi were worshipped as two pygmy sized boys who stood behind their pygmy sized father, Ptah, the fire god or fire Serpent.

 Under the Seraphim & Cherubim are 70 more angelic orders that oversee different aspects of the creation while dwelling in the body of the Primal Serpent (Entire Universe)


Following the Celestial Orders of Angels are the Inner-Dimensional, Inner-terrestrial, & Extra-terrestrial Serpents of Wisdom.

-They’re composed of Serpents of Wisdom who inhabit planets, star systems and galaxies other than our own and move freely between various planets via their immortal Dragon Bodies and/or sophisticated spacecraft.

-They travel to new or evolving galaxies & solar systems to assist certain fledging life forms through their stages of growth and development.

-They wear the emblem of the winged serpent on their lapels (opening below the folded collar on a coat or jacket)

-They establish bases and build pyramidal structures on many planets, including Mars, Venus, & Earth to monitor the phase of evolutionary development.

-When a planet and its inhabitants reach a transition period in their growth, the Serpents often travel there to help facilitate a paradigm shift.


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