The Lamech Scroll & Sumerian Deluge


-Describe five Antediluvian (Before the Deluge) cities; Er-idu / Bad-tib-ira / La-rak / Sit-par / & Shu-rup-pak.

-They tell of a flood (Great Deluge) & the Sumerian Noah (Zi-us-udra) Ziusudra, whom lived in Shu-rup-pak, where he built his ark.


-One day Lamech, (Noah’s father) came home and found a boy whom looked out of place with his own family. (The boy looked like a ‘son of heaven’ with eyes, hair, and skin different than the rest of Lamech’s family)

-Lamech approached his wife Bat-Enosh and she claimed the child was not hers. She swore that the child was his and not of a soldier, stranger, or one of the ‘sons of heaven’.

-Lamech did not believe his wife and went to seek advice form his father Methuselah, were he told him the story.

-Methuselah then went to consult the wise Enoch.

-Enoch sent Methuselah back with the news that:

-A great judgment would come upon the earth & mankind.

-All flesh would be destroyed because it was sordid & dissolute.

-The strange boy had been chosen as the progenitor of those who should survive the great universal judgment.

-He told Methuselah to tell his son to name the child Noah.


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