The Bible?

 Indian Epic Ma-hab-har-ata (Moses?)

-5,000 years old

The first book explains: The story of the unmarried woman Kunti.

-She received a visit from the sun god & had a son as radiant as the sun by him.

-Kunti was afraid of falling into disgrace so she laid the child in a basket & put the basket in a river.

-The basket was retrieved by a man of royalty named Ad-hi-rat.

 Chaldea (10 Commandments?)

-Gold plaques were found with text telling of gods resembling men whom came from the sky and presented plaques to the priests.

Pre-Incan Mythology (Biblical Creation?)

-Vira-co-cha (God of creation) created the world when it was dark & had no sun.

-He sculpted a race of giants from stone & when they displeased him he destroyed them with a deep flood.

-He caused the sun & moon to rise above lake Ti-ti-caca so that there was light on Earth.

-He shaped clay figures of men & animals at Tia-huan-aco & breathed life into them. Then he instructed them in language, customs, and arts.

-He took some of these men & animals to other continents to in-habitat.

-Vira-co-cha traveled, with two assistants, to many countries to check on the following of his instructions & give more advice.

-He finally left from the coastal province of Manta & disappeared over the ocean by riding on the waves.

-He promised to return.

Mayan Mythology (Jesus?)

-Priests created a religion, Ku-kul-kan (Feathered Serpent) from guarded knowledge & on the promise that the gods would return.

-Priestly tradition says:

The gods would return when the vast buildings were completed according to the laws of the calendar cycle and so people hastened to finish the temples & pyramids. In the year of the gods return – promised Ku-kul-kan would come from the stars & take possession of the buildings and live among man.

-Ku-kul-kan (Ku-ku-matz) is believed to be the figure of Quet-zal-coatl

-Quett-zal-coatl came from the country of the rising sun in a white robe wearing a beard.

-He taught people science, arts, wise laws & customs.

-He then promised to return, went to the sea & bordered a ship that took him to the morning star.

Lamech Scroll (Noah?)

-One day Lamech, (Noah’s father) came home and found a boy whom looked out of place with his own family. (The boy looked like a ‘son of heaven’ with eyes, hair, and skin different than the rest of Lamech’s family)

-Lamech approached his wife Bat-Enosh and she claimed the child was not hers. She swore that the child was his and not of a soldier, stranger, or one of the ‘sons of heaven’.

-Lamech did not believe his wife and went to seek advice form his father Methuselah, were he told him the story.

-Methuselah then went to consult the wise Enoch.

-Enoch sent Methuselah back with the news that:

-A great judgment would come upon the earth & mankind.

-All flesh would be destroyed because it was sordid & dissolute.

-The strange boy had been chosen as the progenitor of those who should survive the great universal judgment.

-He told Methuselah to tell his son to name the child Noah.



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