Thule Gesellschaft = Thule Society

-Named after Ultima Thule

-Ultima Thule was believed to be the mythical city of Hyperborea, the First continent settled by the Aryan race from Aldebaran. Some believe Hyperborea to be Atlantis or Lumeria or even the inner-earth. (Scandinavian legend says Ultima Thule is a land in the far North where the Sun never sets & the Aryans call home)

-They believe that when Hyperborea began sinking, the Aryan’s began tunneling into the Earth’s crust and settled under the Himalayan Mountains. This became known as Agharta with the capital of Shamballah. (Persains also called this area Aryana, the land of the Aryans)

-The Nazis believed the people of Afharta were good & the people of Shamballah were evil. They believed they were backing the good guys.

-Legends are found from China, Tibet, Egypt, India, & Europe

-Logo: A swastika superimposed over a sword


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