The Order of the Golden Dawn

-Formed in 1888 by Freemason S.L. Mathers & Dr. Wynn Westcott

-Called their masters the ‘Secret Chiefs’

-Performed rituals of extreme negativity. This allowed vibrational synchronizations (Possessions) with lower fourth dimensional entities.

-Believed in a Vril force

-One of their secret signs was the pointed-arm salute of ‘Heil Hitler’

-Two German esoteric magicians Guido von List & Lanz von Liebenfels, during the summer solstice celebration, used wine bottles on the ground to form the symbol of Hermetic Cross. The Hermetic Cross was considered the Badge of Power or the Swastika.

-Swastika = Light & creation / the reverse means darkness & destruction.

-The Swastika is a symbol of the Thule Society & the Nazi Party, which was connected to the Sun symbol of the Phoenicians & the Sun God was a symbol for Lucifer. (Lucifer = the bearer of light, the the morning star, the first light.)

-List & Liebenfels saw the swastika symbol as the end of Christianity and the dawning of the age of the blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryans.

-In Vienna, Hitler met Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels who owned an occult magazine called ‘Ostara’. Liebenfels & Guido von List wanted to revive the brotherhood of the Teutonic knights, which used the swastika as their symbol.


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