Corrupt officials, privatized central banks, endless phantom credit, immoral policies & practices, insider trading, gross unemployment, socialized medicine and so much more has led us into a state of welfare and dependency to our masters.

It is easy to preach a welfare state; for what is the incentive for the workingman to slave all day only to make the same amount of money that someone living off of the government makes? So easy is it to preach a dependency attitude although not to forget you have a dependency to a master, which means just that. You have a master and that master can pull the rug, that you are so solely addicted too, right up from underneath of you. In this case, there is no freedom beyond the decision you make – from the choices you are given. This creates the illusion that you have within your grasp the freedom to truly choose.

The system that operates just on the outskirts of this illusion is so precisely positioned that even with a map to its exact location it is as if it doesn’t exist. Sometimes I even question weather or not there truly is a system operating in the shadows. I am not quite sure weather the system was created for one purpose and used for another. Or if it was created for the single purpose that it is currently being used for. Has it developed naturally and adapted to our atmosphere naturally? Or has it adapted with some outsourced direction?

This system operates in the shadow, but shows itself in fascinating colors. It is on your television, your newspaper, cell phone, gaming consol, computer, in your schools, and in your homes. It is the system that is used, one way or another, to pull the wool over your eyes so you do not see the monstrous myth being perpetrated in front of your very being; the myth that you are a free human being. Free to do what you want. Free to go where you want. Free to choose what you want to eat, buy, listen to, or watch on television. It is like, but not The Matrix.

The system of control is everywhere. We must be very cautious knowing this because any and everything can and will be used to distract us from truth and reality. I do not write this to sound smart, profit, or gain likeness. I write this cause my goal in life is to convey that God may not endow us with rights, but we are all human and humans should bond with an everlasting enlightenment.

You never know when Ronald Reagan might end up being correct: we have to come together as a people to fight off an enemy from beyond this world.


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