Foreign Fallacy

We can not place all of our faith in one individual. This blind assumption that it has to be a republican or a democrat is a simple misconception. Many people think that you absolutely have to choose a side. But fail to realize that side can be your side. Not the side that you heard others talking about, or you heard on some bias news network trying to mold your mind for ratings. The true thought and feeling that resides inside of ones self that some may call the consciousness. You’re smarter than political rhetoric, here and there, using large words that aren’t in the average persons vocabulary. Using propaganda and mantras to induce the people into a somber lullaby.

When I watched the most recent debate on Cnn, I could not believe what I heard from the candidates. On one issue we have Newt Gingrich, as well as others, opting for keeping and expanding the patriot act. On another issue you have Rick Santorum saying that we need to profile “Muslims” to protect our nation. (There should be full awareness to any radical group taking aim at you, religious or not.) These two ideas have me stunned. Is this really how blind we are as a people?

In my support for Congressman Paul, I don’t support the republican party. I support a few of the ideas and ideals of one man. Although I, like many of you, have no business putting the future in the hands of any one man or woman.

This is not to say that the ideas of other candidates are not acceptable as rightful answers to some. I am merely suggesting that supporting the same failed ideas of past administrations will only give you more of the same. It is the ones working under the president, who keep their job for more than four years and for more than one president, that is the problem. You can change the face of the white house, but if it is till being run by the same mind it will never change for our better.

To suggest that we need to religiously profile Muslims in specific though is something of this hatred we seem to express for the rest of the world simply because they don’t act, think or dress like us. It shouldn’t even be a news flash that their are other countries, and if you want them to be peaceful, you must play nice. This is not to say that there aren’t groups or nations that really want to harm us for one reason or another. But to suggest that we are not guilty in any of this is grossly understated.

Their has been espionage, assassinations, bombings, sanctions, supported police states and much more done to countries around the world and the middle east for more than a few decades. Should we really be so arrogant to suggest that one of the main reasons they dislike us is because we are “free”? Excusing the cliche’, but we really need to wake up and see that our foreign policy is a direct influence on the hatred we manifest around the world.

It is not because we are free, or because we are Americans. It is actually much more simpler than that. If the United States was occupied tomorrow, our military and many civilians would pick up arms so fast that they’d probably forget to load them. Of course in this scenario we are the victim. However, we tend to play the part of the victim no matter where we go in the world. Let it be clear that there are those who will disagree with us no matter what we do, but nearly all of the motivation for real terrorism is based on the view that the U.S should withdrawal from these certain territories.

It is neither our job nor responsibility to be nation building other countries when we can’t ever take care of our own population.
We claim to be against tyrants so we decided to overthrow Saddam because of his wickedness towards his own people and his “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. This may be fine to some, but justify your reasoning and use common sense. There were no wmd’s in Iraq. Most of the weapons he had were sold to him when we supported his regime in the 1980’s. He had absolutely nothing to do with 911, and yet we decided that continuing “our reign of terror” on the people of Iraq is sufficient in bringing to justice a tyrant who we supported and let loose from the beginning. Even if we never supported Saddam, I find it odd that we feel the need to be the international police officers.

By trying to police, support, and bailout the rest of the world, all of us here in this country suffer the consequences. A lot of those consequences have to do with us losing freedoms and economic stability because we put all of our assets and support over seas. It just doesn’t make any sense.
Why do we give billions in aid to countries who don’t even like us? Why do we have troops in over 130 countries with no declaration of war? Why do we support tyrannical governments then support an uprising to overthrow them? Because America sticks its nose in everyone else’s business and expect this to just be okay with the leaders and people around the world. Because America is always on the hunt like all great empires to expand this sense of a utopian imperialism.

I think if we’d reform education maybe we could learn that the history of countries that take away the liberties of it’s people by promising them freedom; Countries that build up propaganda about some enemy they need to fight, while secretly they are in bed with them to make a few bucks and boost the wealth of a few; and Countries that try to outreach too far in the world ultimately do one thing, collapse.

It is our arrogance and blind faith in authoritative power that allows us to assume we live in some world were we don’t need to worry because we have been told that the U.S is unsinkable, or too big to fail, since our birth. Of course the only thing that seems to matter today is the worry of “terrorism”, a mantra if I ever heard one. Terrorism is a tool, an ideal. It can never be defeated and no war waged against it can ever be won. Anyone that tries is fighting a never ending battle against an enemy that has no real combatants allows it’s soldiers, and those they are loosely protecting, to be subjected to their absolute destruction both in personal freedoms and national stability over time.

We need to focus on the real issues. Now we have Obama telling china to act “grown up” and stop manipulating currency. He forgot to mention that china owns so much of our debt that they literally own us. Nearly 46 cents of every dollar is borrowed from china. The euro is in crisis, the dollar is in crisis and as a world debt holder of the world’s reserve currency; China has the ability and pull to continue to call for a one world currency until they get what they want . This is not such a bad idea, but it is the implication of what this means to those who look into it that is scary.
Bottom line of this post is to get across that you do not bandage an ailing currency by printing more of it and you do not prevent violence and promote safety to your people by expanding the one thing that the rest of the world agrees is the prime cause of our disdain in the world, and that is to expand our military influence and continue killing millions in the name of “freedom & democracy”.

I don’t know the best way to run a country, but I can tell you this. If the killing of millions of innocent babies and parents in the world is necessary to secure our freedom that we are constantly told is decreasing. Then I want no part of what the establishment calls “freedom & democracy”. These words as well as “terrorist” have been broadened so much that now anyone can be a terrorist based on the loosest of claims or assumptions.
This needs to stop now and the sheeple of this country need to wake up!


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