Monetary Policy

The world seems to be approaching an age of irrational reasoning and pseudo politics, only dictated by the amount of money a political campaign has in the bank. Now, the only issues that seem to matter are the issues that are portrayed by the media and pop culture as relevant; while real issues remain unseen or are deemed as irrelevant. In reality, every issue is relevant and finding the source of the crises seems to be the only way in which to address it, logically.

The institution of a Central Bank is supposed to allow for a somewhat stable monetary system by regulation. However, by giving the government full power to print a nation’s money without a tangible backing, be it gold or platinum, creates a ticking time bomb for that country’s economy.

Since the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the dollar has been devalued at a rate of over 95% of its original purchasing power. It is no coincidence that within one year of the creation of this unwarranted printing press, the world saw the start of the First World War.  Though Central Banks have been a nuisance for hundreds of years, now-a-days, and since World War One, governments see no need in watching their spending; they simply print the money needed to fund the wars of the world. The monetary system, in general, relies on blind trust and abides by the assumption that the citizens of the world are too stupid to understand.

Pumping hundreds of billions of counterfeit dollars into an economy only destabilizes it, and on a world stage, that hollow money dilutes the world markets so much that we are now on the verge of a global depression.  Much of this arrogant, frivolous, and irresponsible money spending has occurred since the events of September 11, 2001, which forced an ailing public to feed blind trust into a system in which they did not understand. Regardless of the irrefutable amount of non-substantiating evidence to begin the war in Iraq, the United States decided to intervene by attacking the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.  These wars have no justifiable cause, and no matter what one may believe as the catalyst for such wars, it is irrefutable that the budget to sustain a presence in so many countries is so massive that it has bankrupted the United States, so that nearly 50 cents of every dollar the United States spends is borrowed from other countries, such as China.
I propose that in order to even begin to achieve financial security, we must begin to realize that it is not our job or responsibility to police the rest of the world based on what we may or may not believe. We need to end these wars and bring the troops home. We need to take action in auditing and ending the Federal Reserve, and not use it as slogan. We must audit Fort Knox to see if there is even any gold to back anything the United States does at home or internationally. If we can simply stop spending money, stop justifying special interests as the majority, and stop claiming that independent thought is radical, we can start reforming this country by stopping the printing of hollow money. We, as citizens of the world, must realize that if we want freedom, we actually have to work for it, and we cannot rely on the government to bail us out when we get into trouble.


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