I Am Me and I Am Free

I am tired of being categorized with a group or with definitions; why can’t I just be me ? That is one of a few questions that I ask myself every single day. Of course the answer is that I am me, and no one can change that unless I allow them. Of course you can say that if someone wants to label you then they can, and you couldn’t be more correct. However, it is the realization that just because someone says something to you doesn’t mean that you have to take it as truth, considering you are who you are. This idea that we have to choose a side, or that we have to be part of a group is misunderstood as what we are interested in, or what we are being a part of; not who we are.

Please realize that no matter what the categorization or what people call you, or what you consider yourself; that at the end of the day we are all the same and should treat each other as such. No, this does not mean fore-fitting our individuality, it is in fact the opposite. By relating to the actual acceptance of each other as one with no dividing differences. Your individuality is your difference and acceptance of others.

Not to mention the fact that I am not left or right, black or white, republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, Gynocratic or Androcratic, Technocratic, Libertarian, Facist, Communist, Socialist, Totalitarian or Anarchist. I am not a member of the Tea Party, the DNC or the RNC.

I am me and I am free.


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  1. Mike D

    First, thanks for continuing to share the knowledge and wisdom to those with open ears. I’ve been interested in “true history” since college when I realized the world we see and hear just doesn’t make sense. I’d love to come down and sit in on your show, but alas I am still a slave to money and cant miss work. (But maybe one day I’ll call in sick 🙂 Keep up the good work! Maybe an idea topic for a future show is those scary underground UFOs based in the mountains in new mexico, the native populations know all about it. Also forgot the guys name but he’s on youtube where he claims he got his hand/fingers fried off from a fight with aliens while building underground facility. I believe after he went public he mysterious committed suicide. Also the Washington madam who was going to go public with her client list when she was brought up for charges..she was on the alex jones show and stated she would never commit suicide, and they found her hung. Just interesting stories I think your listeners would like to hear.
    Take Care and RIP Dimitri

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