Occupy My-Street

I see occupy wall street and I see the same outside agenda taking something for what it is and making it into what it is not. Over the last few days the movement continues to gain strength while of course the mainstream media focuses on mostly pointless topics; while the only coverage that I have yet to see was geared and altered to direct itself towards police brutality. This is not the point of the protests. This is manipulating a situation into what you, or better yet “they”, want. They show us the police and mold the story to seem as if we should fight them. We shouldn’t fight them or ourselves. It is the old idea of fighting the system that we must stand against, no matter how used that seems to be. Forget what people say; well these people are hippies, hypocritical Obama supporters, they are anarchists, they’re all on drugs, they only want to scream the slogans to be apart of something. Well, I can tell you first hand that I am neither a hippie, an Obama supporter, I am not an anarchist, I have never taken a drug in my life excluding prescriptions that I now no longer consume, and I do not scream slogans unless they mean something to what I believe in; and I can back up what i say.

Everyone has an agenda of some sorts, including myself. My agenda through these articles, the radio show, and my documentaries, all of which I profit zero percent from, is to simply present

information. It is not to alter minds, it is not to intimidate, it’s not for fun; especially as I am being ridiculed every day of my life. My agenda is to simply get individuals to understand that the way we are told things work and happen is seldom to never correct. To get you to understand that there is no such thing as a left or a right side and that they are both the same body operating the two. We should realize that personal liberty will always be under assault and that it is not something that can be won and kept as an absolute. We in America seem to think that we never have to fight for freedom again, when in reality the time to do nothing has ran out. They of course tell us we are free, but how free is a country when you are monitored and watched for everything you do. How free are we to really protest or print real news, or enjoy the fruits of labor. The news is owned, the monetary system is owned, the economy is manipulated and owned and we are all pawns in a chess game that the elite are about to call check mate in, though it is not the end.

This world is a titer tater. It sways back and forth with power, from freedom and slavery, from one side to another. Right now we must realized that it isn’t about overthrowing government with violence, right and wrong, or even slavery or freedom. It is about realizing who we are as individuals and accepting all others as a whole, while living a life of peace. The peace I refer to however is only found within ones self, it cannot be obtained from outside sources.


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