A system works only if the gears of that system work in unison with one another. There are three recognizable ways in which society is controlled. Disinformation, Fear, Division. The use of disinformation works with the self centered insecure nature of the citizens. When someone is kept in the dark, they tend to believe anything as long as it goes along with their thought process. If you were to literally be kept in the dark, your eyes would burn for a moment the next time you saw light of some sort. When the people are kept in the dark and withheld from information

they tend to form their own views based on what they want reality to be; most of those views are based around family and friends and fun. Now there is nothing wrong with these values, the problem forms from the inability to grasp anything outside their line of site. With the use of disinformation and propaganda to manipulated the people they tend to stick to what they want to believe and with the use of division are split up into categories and groups.

Now coming together as one is not the abolition of individuality, it is the acceptance of all into a harmony. The divisions of class, race, sex, hobbies, politics and clicks etc. have led us to believe that we have to be divided to be free and individual. This is not the true case and we need to realize this quickly before the divide and conquer technique ruins the world that we live; in the world which has become a business. By keeping people divided and misinformed you can easily institute security to these steps by implementing fear into the populace. Fear of ridicule for being different than everyone else, fear of not fitting into some group or category that they tell us we need too in order to be individual. Fear of what the other prisoners will think when we escape. It is like we are in a prison and when we find an escape the other prisoners call the guards to tell them what we are doing, we’ve gone mad as civilization. And while we fight and argue, the ones in charge make the money and live in absolute luxury because we refuse to confront them for who they really are.

The tyrants need to be defeated and defeated now if we will ever have a chance and some sort everlasting peace. Though, I suppose peace is something that was never able to be implemented; perhaps peace is only another tool in order to defeat the populace into submission.


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