While witnessing the support of Ron Paul over the last few weeks, especially during Republican debates, maybe the American people are not as much asleep at the wheel as some thought. Perhaps, they are much wider awake and aware of what is going on in the world. Perhaps, the reason that a large majority of the population still would rather consume their lives with absolutely nothing that contributes to mankind, continues to put a hold on the thought revolution. Perhaps, though the prior is not a bad thing in moderation, it teams with the harsh additives in water and food to

subdue the population into a docile state of non-thinking robots. Perhaps, this is not a conspiracy theory or a paranoid view of the world. Perhaps this is something that needs to be changed in one way or the other.

It is not that there are a few men in suits at a conference table dictating the world; perhaps it is special interest groups and the faltering of the monetary system, and that of the transfer of wealth to the already mega-wealthy. Perhaps, we should reverse the numbers that 99% of the world population operate nearly 1% of the world’s wealth; while 1% of the world population operates nearly 99% of the world’s wealth. Perhaps, why America is so broke is that we have been bought and sold. Perhaps, the reason the rest of the world has a problem with America is not that we have this supposed “liberty” and “freedom”. Perhaps, they have a problem with us because we occupy their land, rape their woman and kill their children. Perhaps, we should alter our views of blind patriotism and realize that disagreeing with a countries action does not make you a bad citizen by anything more than guilt, portrayed by propaganda.

Perhaps, instead of looking at accepting each others differences as a bad thing and opposing thus acceptance; perhaps, we could accept one another for our differences, come together as one with our differences making us unique. Perhaps, what we have grown to know as truth and fact is indeed the furthest from such points. Perhaps, we need to sit back and take a second look at things before we make our decision. Perhaps, this seems hypocritical to suggest the refusal of many telling you what to think, when in me stating that you should not listen to people, you could indeed be listening to me; this I understand. Perhaps, I am wrong. Perhaps, the only way that we shall obtain peace is to continue to murder and impose our will on others; while we completely crumble on the inside from special interest, war, disease, and corruption.


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